An important currency in Lies of P are tied to items called Gold Coin Fruits, which you can get over time to purchase powerful upgrades and objects.

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As you reach the St. Frangelico Cathedral location in Lies of P, an NPC named Giangio will tell you about a special item called Gold Coin Fruit that you can get as a unique type of currency. These strange objects allow you to purchase upgrades and items that could summon allies to your side in battle. Although the Gold Coin Fruits only appear on a timer, there are ways to collect more by using certain perks or boosters.

You have to defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss before you can access Gold Coin Fruits, seen through a tree at Hotel Krat. From here, Lies of P‘s gameplay shows the tree produces a single Fruit every 10 minutes, a time that pauses if you quit at any point. Only by staying within the game can you see the tree create up to eight Fruits total at any given time.

How To Get More Gold Coin Fruit In Lies of P

Lies of P Tree that Produces Gold Coin Fruit for Character to Get to Spend on Resets or Items

Despite the time restriction on Gold Coin Fruit through the Hotel Krat tree, you can unlock Perks or activate an Alchemical Booster to make its harvest arrive much faster. For example, the Shorten Fruit Bearing TimeP-Organ Perk upgrade makes the tree create Fruit far faster than normal. Different-sized Alchemical Boosters affect the speed at which Fruit arrives at the tree, but getting these consumables in an ideal Soulslike like Lies of P can be expensive.

How To Use Gold Coin Fruit in Lies of P

Lies of P P-Organ Upgrade Spot which can be Reset when you Use Gold Coin Fruit

Once you have enough Gold Coin Fruit, you must defeat the Champion Victor boss to unlock the Saintess of Mercy Statue, where you can exchange Fruits to change your upgrades and buy items. For 10 Gold Coin Fruits, you can reset your level or your P-Organ upgrades. When you hand over just 5 Fruits, you can also reset your Legion Arm upgrades for new weapon mechanics in Lies of P.

Gold Coin Fruits can buy Star Fragments, which can summon allies in battle called Specters that could help you with elite enemies or boss fights. You can also purchase Wishstones for Fruits, which can improve the nature of your Specter or different aspects of your character build. When you get enough Gold Coin Fruit in Lies of P, you have a chance to correct mistakes and change your experience.

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    Lies of P

    PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5


    Round 8 Studios


    Action RPG, Fantasy, Adventure


    Following in the footsteps of games similar to Bloodborne, Lies of P is an action-RPG adventure game with heavy Souls-like influences. Loosely based on the tale of Pinocchio, Lies of P throws players into the shoes of the reimagined wooden boy as a puppet mechanoid as he wakes up in a city devoid of life. Pinocchio has only one clue as to what’s happening to him; a single note telling him to find Mr. Gepetto. Players will battle through the city of Krat free of humans as they struggle against other mechanical and hellish monsters that await them at every turn. To face these threats, players can craft various weapons using devices found throughout the city and gain new attachments to improve traversal. The ending can be significantly affected depending on the player’s narrative and action-based choices. Lies of P will be released on current and next-gen consoles and PC sometime in 2023.

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