Putting a dark twist on a popular children’s story, Lies of P brings Pinocchio to life in a completely different light. Players will be tasked with traversing the once prosperous Krat that is now overrun with corrupted puppets.

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Along their journey to uncover the mystery of the Puppet Frenzy and complete Pinocchio’s quest to become a real boy, players will encounter a number of collectibles that can be used for a variety of purposes. Among these are Ergo Fragments, which are crystals containing Ergo energy, the main currency used in Lies of P. In this guide, an explanation will be provided as to what these fragments are and how they can be used.

How to use Ergo Fragments

Pinocchio and Eugenie from Lies of P

Ergo Fragments are common consumable items that can be collected from the bodies of dead enemies or in chests scattered throughout Krat. They will vary in rarity, with the degree of rarity indicating the amount of Ergo they contain, and will instantly replenish Pinocchio’s Ergo stores upon consumption. While these contain Ergo, which is generally added automatically to the player’s total currency amount, players will first need to know how to access the precious energy inside of them.

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In order to use an Ergo Fragment, players will first need to equip the item to either of Pinocchio’s belts or his equipment bag. From there, as is the case when using any other consumable or throwable items in Pinocchio’s inventory, it is a simple matter of pressing the indicated button to use it. Once the interact button has been pressed, the main character will pull the item from his pocket and crush it in his hand, releasing the Ergo and absorbing it. The value of the fragment will then be added to Pinocchio’s Ergo total, found in the top-right corner.

When to use Ergo Fragments

While Ergo Fragments can be consumed at any time, there are particular points throughout the game when it wouldn’t be wise to do so. Players should consider that Ergo is lost when they die and would have to be retrieved at a cost, so it would be better to consume the fragments at a time when there are no threats nearby.

The best time to use Ergo Fragments is when players are at a vendor preparing to make a purchase. The fragments are not lost when players die, so these can be considered a safe place to keep their currency until it is time to use them. If they are consumed during difficult combat scenarios then players will run the very high risk of losing their Ergo and wasting the fragment.

Lies of P is available September 19, 2023, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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