Far removed from the nose-growing puppet and happy-go-lucky cricket that have stolen the hearts of children for decades, Lies of P presents the fairytale of Pinocchio in a way that has never been seen before. Set in the Belle Epoque-inspired city of Krat which is now overrun by dead and corrupted puppets, Pinocchio must find Geppetto and uncover the mystery of what has gone wrong if he ever wants a chance to become a real boy.

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Among the great variety of items that players can collect on their journey through Krat, from consumables to throwable items to give Pinocchio an advantage in combat, are Star Fragments. While these items appear to serve minimal purpose in the early stages of the game, their worth becomes apparent at a crucial point. Here is a guide on how to use Star Fragments to give players an upper hand in the toughest battles in Lies of P.

How To Use Star Fragments

The pool where you can use star fragments in Lies of P

Much like any other item that can be collected in Lies of P, Star Fragments can be found after defeating enemies, in chests, or loosely scattered among the battered streets of Krat. These are first encountered in the initial stages of the game and, at least at first, don’t seem to serve a clear purpose. However, as players approach their first boss battle, their value and the manner in which they are used become abundantly clear.

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As players approach their first boss battle against the Puppet Master, they will find a small stone pool to the left of the entry. It is in this pool that Star Fragments can be used and the significant advantage the items provide will become clear. To use Star Fragments, players will simply need to approach the pool and interact with it. This will prompt Pinocchio to drop a fragment into the pool, which will conjure a Specter to fight alongside him in the upcoming battle.

What is a Specter?

Wielding a great sword and a fearless mentality, Specters are spirit warriors who will fight alongside Pinocchio until they are vanquished, or the enemy has been dispatched. They are invaluable in combat as they not only are capable of dishing out some potent offense, but they will also draw attention away from Pinocchio, which will help preserve health and open an opportunity for players to unleash an offensive sequence of their own behind their enemy.

As mentioned above, Specters can be summoned by dropping a Star Fragment into the pool. However, it is worth noting that only one Specter can be summoned at a time and the Star Fragment will be instantly consumed once used. If a player is unsuccessful in battle and is forced to try again, they will lose the Star Fragment they just used. The good news is that it seems that this is the only use for the fragments, and they are relatively common throughout Krat.

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Lies of P is available September 19, 2023, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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