The Big Picture

  • The second season of Loki will premiere on October 5 at 6 PM Pacific Time, a new release time that aims to increase audience engagement.
  • Tom Hiddleston will reprise his role as Loki and will need help to navigate a complicated situation and return to his previous timeline.
  • The creation of the multiverse by Sylvie sets the stage for multiple storylines and exploration of different realities in the upcoming season.

The Time Variance Agency will be returning earlier than expected, as Disney+ has announced the second season of Loki will now premiere on October 5 at 6 PM Pacific Time. The series was scheduled to return the following day, but it appears that, after almost four years of launching their shows at midnight, the platform discovered that it’s more likely for people to tune in at the same time if new episodes at released during the evening. The biggest threat in the current landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to return, and there’s only one particular group of heroes who understand how dangerous he truly is.

Tom Hiddleston will reprise the role of Loki, after the actor has been seen portraying the God of Mischief for more than a decade. Since the events of the first installment left this version of Loki in a very complicated situation, he’ll need all the help he can get to return to his previous timeline before something terrible happens. Mobius (Owen Wilson) was already growing fond of him, but since he was thrown into a different version of the TVA during the last season finale, Loki will have to gain the agent’s trust all over again. In the meantime, the most powerful villain in the MCU is on the loose, gaining power in the shadows.

There are plenty of storylines for Loki to deal with during the second season of his own television series, with Sylvie (Sophia DiMartino) looking for a new life foe herself after being responsible for the creation of the multiverse during the last installment. Before she killed He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors), the Marvel Cinematic Universe lived in a singular timeline, but since the Kang variant’s protection is gone, multiple realities are now available for exploration for the characters of the MCU, in what is currently known as the Multiverse Saga.

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A New Release Model

Ever since the first season of The Mandalorian premiered, Disney+ had chosen midnight as the best time to launch new episodes of their highly anticipated television series set in the MCU and the Star Wars franchises. But proven by the success of Ahsoka, if new chapters are released during the evening, it’s more likely for audiences to tune in at the same time, creating more engagement for upcoming stories. It remains to be seen if the new strategy allows viewership to grow for Disney+, or if they will be forced to go back to their previous release schedule.

You can check out a new featurette from the second season of the show below, before Loki returns to Disney+ on October 5:

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