• An artist created a Japanese ink-style painting of Electric-type Pokemon Tynamo and Eelektross.
  • Eelektross is considered underrated due to its ability to avoid being weak to Ground-type attacks.
  • Eelektross and its evolutionary line are underrepresented in fan art, making this artwork a special treat for fans.

A talented Pokemon fan artist has created a Japanese ink-style painting of Electric-types Tynamo and Eelektross. Tynamo and its evolution line were introduced in the fifth Generation of Pokemon games, Black and White. Eelektross is the final evolution of Tynamo, and the omitted Eelektrik is the middle form.

Thanks to its stat-boosting move Coil and the Levitate ability, Eelektross is considered to be one of the most underrated Electric-type Pokemon. As Pokemon fans well know, Electric types are only weak to Ground moves. Thanks to Eelektross’ Levitate ability, however, Ground-type attacks do not affect it. In other words, Eelektross is one of the rare few Pokemon that isn’t weak to anything. Perhaps due to its design, though, Eelektross and its evolutionary line isn’t generally considered a fan favorite.

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Reddit user ZanorinSeregris took the unappreciated Eelektross and made it into an epic Japanese ink painting. Several Tynamo, Eelektross’ first form, are also included throughout as a fun detail. Various community members have expressed their reaction of joy to this amazing artwork, as they also believe this Pokemon to be underrated.

This is the 39th Pokemon the artist has recreated in this style, and they state they will continue until they “give up.” Other recent Japanese ink paintings of Pokemon the Reddit user shared with the community include Tyranitar, Arboliva, and Dachsbun. The Poke fan also notably created a unique Japanese-ink-style painting of Scizor.

Unlike most starter and legendary Pokemon, monsters like Eelektross are often underrepresented in the world of fan art. So, fans of these creatures tend to get excited when they finally see incredible pieces of art like this. For example, the community reacted quite positively when a talented artist created alternate forms of Delphox, an often-overlooked Fire-type starter from Pokemon X and Y.

Eelektross fans got another potential win recently as its entire evolution line was listed in a recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC datamine after the release of The Teal Mask. If the leak is correct, this would mean Tynamo, Eelektrik, and Eelektross would be among the roughly 200 returning Pokemon featured in the two waves of DLC for the Gen 9 RPG. The first wave was recently released for the Nintendo Switch, and the second, titled The Indigo Disk, is slated to launch before the end of the year.

Pokemon fan art can often shine a light on otherwise underappreciated characters, and that’s what makes it so great. Every Pokemon is likely to be the favorite of at least one fan out there, so it is nice to see that underrepresented creatures like Eelektross and Tynamo can get their moment in the spotlight with cool fan-created pieces like this.

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