• Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Teal Mask DLC may be hinting at a future legendary Pokemon, according to a fan theory.
  • The theory suggests that the DLC’s background details and references to a Japanese fairytale point towards a “Peach-like” legendary creature.
  • While fans should be discerning, it’s not unusual for The Pokemon Company to introduce new legendaries without much warning, so another one in Scarlet and Violet is possible.

A Pokemon fan has hypothesized that various background details scattered throughout the Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC are actually clues hinting toward a future legendary. The first of the two waves of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC is still relatively fresh, but fans are already putting the new content through its paces and discussing various theories about the upcoming Indigo Disk launch – the expansion’s second part, which is slated to release before the end of the year.

The Teal Mask has provided fans with hours of story content, a second map to explore, and an additional regional Pokedex that brings in 100 new and returning Pokemon to Scarlet and Violet. There are also minigames, sidequests, and never-before-seen legendary Pokemon to capture. While there are plenty of things to do in The Teal Mask DLC, however, it is perhaps the background details that contain the game’s biggest potential announcement.

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According to one fan theory, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is teasing a new legendary in the recently released Teal Mask DLC. Reddit user kuromitsuame found the theory, which first appeared on a Japanese forum, and then took the liberty of paraphrasing it in English. Essentially, the original theorist believes that The Pokemon Company is hinting toward a “Peach-like” legendary creature. They base this theory on several background details hidden throughout the DLC as well as a Japanese fairytale.

The lore behind Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Loyal Three derives from the Japanese folk myth Momotaro, which translates to “Peach Boy” in English. The Loyal Three, who all make their debut in The Teal Mask DLC, are each inspired by different animals that accompany the story’s hero, but the game notably didn’t include a Pokemon that represents the boy. The insightful fan speculates that the newest legendary could be inspired by Momotaro himself. There are also accompanying details like the peach-like mascots placed in the Mossui Town grocery shop, as well as the animated story of the Loyal Three that perhaps suggests a reveal could be coming.

While the theory is fun to speculate about, fans should be discerning. Sure, it is true that The Pokemon Company and Game Freak like to tease announcements ahead of time, but it is very possible these peach sightings are more or less just references to the tale that inspired the expansion. And with The Indigo Disk already showcasing a new legendary Pokemon, it seems somewhat unlikely that Scarlet and Violet would introduce another.

That said, The Pokemon Company releases new legendary and mythical monsters all the time, so it certainly wouldn’t feel out of place for them to introduce another one without much warning. Game Freak has been full of surprises lately; the company has even added a shiny move to the Pokemon franchise. Here’s hoping the developers have a few more surprises up their sleeves with the upcoming release of The Indigo Mask later this year.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Switch.

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