In a city that has been overrun by all manner of undead and corrupted puppets, Lies of P follows the story of Pinocchio like never before. Set in the now overrun city of Krat, players must survive the horrors on the street as they search for Geppetto and for answers as to what has caused what the game calls the “Puppet Frenzy”

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With combat the centerpiece Lies of P, Pinocchio will come face to face with a variety of puppet and human adversaries, each presenting their own unique challenge to players. Among them are the giant Puppets of the Future. These enormous structures are slow and labored in their movements, so much so that players can decide to run away or engage in a battle. This guide will clarify if killing these behemoths is a worthwhile investment.

Should You Kill Puppets Of The Future?

Pinocchio and a Puppet of the Future from Lies of P

Players will first encounter a Puppet of the Future when searching for Venigni as it slowly paces back and forth along a passage. At first, the puppet appears to be merely part of the environment until the potential for combat becomes clear its health bar appearing alongside its name. It is at this moment that players will begin to understand that, while this particular puppet is very easy to avoid, there is an opportunity to engage with it.

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Players are free to consider the benefits and risks of engaging with such a large adversary, however, they will generally have little to nothing to lose if they spend their Ergo prior to engaging in a battle with them. While Pinocchio may fall victim a couple of times until players are able to get a better read on their enemy’s offensive sequences, it is a worthwhile investment of time and energy.

Defeating a Puppet of the Future comes with a significant reward that will make actively seeking these foes an appealing quest. Along with some consumable items and Ergo that will be earned from defeating such a large enemy, players will also earn Quartz for their efforts. These are some of the rarer items you can collect on Pinocchio’s journey and have a direct effect on his abilities. With Quartz, players are able to visit the P-Organ in Geppetto’s office in Hotel Krat and assign bonuses and special abilities to their character. Given the significance of such a reward, it is worth the time and effort it takes to bring down the Puppets of the Future.

Lies of P launches September 19, 2023, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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