• Stardew Valley players are finding creative ways to use in-game space for storage, such as turning the spa into a storage shed for extra items.
  • Some players have to dispose of quest-specific rewards in the game since they cannot be sold, requiring them to find alternative storage solutions.
  • Fans of Stardew Valley have come up with their own storage solutions, including using the barn or coop as dropping grounds for excess decorations and statues.

Many Stardew Valley players find unique ways to utilize as much in-game space as possible, such as one player who decided to use the spa as a storage shed. While dropping items in Stardew Valley is sometimes a necessity, others instead choose to simply store the items in interesting locations.

One of the most popular farming life-sim games of all time, Stardew Valley features a variety of gameplay features such as mining, foraging, crafting, and, of course, farming. Players can collect a variety of useful items and decorative pieces, the latter of which some fans choose to set aside rather than display.

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Stardew Valley player CloudCharmer shared a look at their innovative storage solution at the in-game bathhouse. Many interesting items can be found and earned throughout the game, such as quest-specific rewards. For players who wish to dispose of these items, they often have to trash them, as reward items cannot be sold. However, item dumping is still not available on mobile, requiring players to instead find other solutions to avoid an over-crowded inventory. Fans have found that any area in the game that does not house NPCs can be used as storage space, such as the sauna by the train station north of Robin’s cabin. CloudCharmer chose to take advantage of the extra space at the spa, using it to stockpile quest rewards such as the Chicken Statue, Leah’s sculpture, and Singing Stone. While some of these may be iconic items in Stardew Valley, they only serve decorative purposes, so their current residence in the otherwise empty bathhouse is justifiably suitable.

Fans responded with amusement to the solution, teasing that the player should have been more appreciative of some of the items, namely Leah’s sculpture. Others made note of their own storage solutions, with some stating the barn and coop as ideal dropping grounds for excess statues and decorations. One fan even joked that they leave all of their superfluous items in the desert, while another noted they simply refuse to collect some of the reward items, especially from Gunther at the museum. Though some fans may choose to get rid of their extra items, others choose to make a stockpile of rare Stardew Valley items.

Stardew Valley continues to captivate fans with its satisfying gameplay, endearing characters, and unique items. Players frequently share their innovative Stardew Valley fan creations, both in-game and real life, proving just how beloved the game is. With new secrets discovered almost daily, Stardew Valley remains a captivating experience for players across platforms.

Stardew Valley is available now on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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