Starfield: Managing Assets Walkthrough

Throughout the Settled Systems of Starfield, there are many factions for players to join, which will lead them on all kinds of interesting quests across a variety of different planets. Ryujin Industries is the dominant faction in the city of Neon, and players can sign up to work for the corporation, where they will partake in missions primarily centered around stealth, stealing, and spying.

Following on from the completion of The Key Ingredient, in which the plans for Project Dominion are finally transferred to Ryujin, Starfield players will have to complete a small errand for Benjamin Bayu, the mayor of Neon, as a form of reparation for the actions taken during Directive Theta, which was part of the Background Checks mission. As part of Managing Assets, players will be sent to a new location previously not visited during the faction questline, allowing them to explore a new planet as well as engage with a pretty sizable settlement while they are there.

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Traveling To Paradiso

Starfield Paradiso

Upon speaking with Masako, players are informed that Administrator Bayu has ordered a rival operative to be dealt with in Paradiso. For some Starfield players, this may be the first time that they have been required to travel to Paradiso. For those unfamiliar, the resort is located on the planet Porrima II in the Porrima star system and is host to many interesting quests and activities. Players are also able to rent a room in the luxury hotel should they so choose, and it is also the location where players can get married.

Having arrived in the resort area, players must head past the main hotel building and turn left on the beach. From here they can follow the beach along to another small enclosure with further buildings dotted around it. The Rival Operative will be standing in plain sight near the beach-side entranceway, near the small wooden shacks. Players can simply attack him on sight to complete the mission without having to ever speak with him, but there can be advantages to talking to him, which are of much greater benefit.

Dealing With The Operative

Starfield Managing Assets Walkthrough Operative

Players can take a bribe from the Rival Operative to progress the quest. The starting amount will be 5,000 credits, but this can be negotiated up to 8,000 by making a successful persuasion attempt. He is not an especially stalwart character, so he shouldn’t be too difficult to convince. If the persuasion attempt fails, players can still take a sum of money from him or proceed to use the Attack option.

Once the Rival Operative has been dealt with one way or another, players will be free to return to Neon and report the task as successful to Dalton Fiennes. Dalton will then introduce the next mission of the Ryujin faction quest line, “Sabotage,” which will see players experimenting with a prototype Neuroamp for the first time.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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