• A Starfield player recreated the Federal Corvette starship from Elite Dangerous, showcasing impressive design and likeness despite limitations in ship customization options.
  • Starfield’s ship customization feature, which allows players to create unique designs, is a popular aspect of the game.
  • Fans have expressed a desire for a share function to upload ship designs online, similar to what was done with custom settlements in Fallout 4.

A Starfield player attempted to recreate the Federal Corvette starship from Frontier Developments’ Elite Dangerous. While the game’s ship customization options didn’t quite give them what they needed to make a perfect replica, the likeness is still impressive. Furthermore, the Starfield player’s design looks pretty good in its own right.

Bethesda’s space exploration RPG launched earlier this month to mostly positive reviews. While Starfield is not above criticism, it still delivered on what many Bethesda fans expect from the studio’s open-world RPGs. The PC version enjoys a respectable 87 on Metacritic, while the Xbox Series X version has a rating of 83. One of the game’s most popular features is its ship customization, which allows players to create unique designs by combining different modules.

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Reddit user ActuallyGun is one such Starfield player and recently shared their ship inspired by the Federal Corvette from Elite Dangerous. The Starfield version is a bit bulkier than its inspiration, as the game doesn’t lend itself to the sleek designs of many Elite Dangerous vessels. Still, ActuallyGun did a good job capturing the feeling that the original design conveys. The ship also looks good on its own, and unlike some of the more extravagant custom Starfield ships, it fits in pretty well with the game’s aesthetic. One could almost believe that it was a default ship design.

ActuallyGun also seems to be quite a fan of Starfield’s ship-building system. Some of their other designs include the Aegis Nautilus from Cloud Imperium’s Star Citizen and two versions of the Tempest from Mass Effect: Andromeda. They also recreated the model ship from the Constellation Lodge and the concept art from the Starfield Direct.

The Starfield player didn’t go into detail about how they made the Starfield version of the Federal Corvette. However, the ship appears to consist of two main decks, with the bridge forming a smaller third deck. Fans on the Starfield subreddit were quite impressed with the design, with many praising its likeness to the original.

It also had a few Starfield players wishing the game would let them share their ship designs online. Fans will probably figure out a way to upload their ships as Starfield mods, similar to what some Fallout 4 players did with their custom Settlements. Still, a proper share function would be ideal, and hopefully, Bethesda will add it in an update or as part of Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC.

Starfield is out now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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