• Starfield features a wide variety of weapons, including the powerful Legendary microgun one player found, which can deal high amounts of damage with its 42 physical damage.
  • The Legendary Skip Shot Assassin’s Microgun found by a player named BigBob145 has additional perks like Lacerate, which causes a bleed effect, and Skip Shot, which fires two bullets in one every fourth shot.
  • BigBob145 has an ample supply of 13,455 rounds of 7.77MM ammo for the microgun, ensuring that they won’t run out of ammunition anytime soon.

There’s no shortage of weapons and weapon variations in Starfield, which led to one lucky player finding an incredible Legendary microgun that will surely be used to carve a path of destruction through the stars. Starfield is Bethesda’s space-set first-person RPG that takes a little bit of Mass Effect, Fallout, Star Trek, and Firefly and rolls it all into one sprawling sci-fi adventure.

Starfield features a vast array of weapons that allows players to tailor their combat experience to their liking. Ballistic weapons that do physical damage are among the most prevalent throughout the Settled Systems. Rifles, handguns, and shotguns are the most common, but if a player keeps searching, they’re bound to find one of several heavy weapons that can deal an incredible amount of damage. One of those is a microgun, sometimes referred to as a minigun or a Gatling gun, and it’s one of the best early-game weapons in Starfield.

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A Starfield player who goes by the name of BigBob145 posted a screencap in the Starfield subreddit of one such microgun they found which, thanks to a lucky behind-the-scenes roll of the dice, just so happened to be a Legendary Skip Shot Assassin’s Microgun. Legendary weapons are the rarest tier and often the most powerful, depending on the various weapon mods and perks that happen to be attached. BigBob145’s microgun came decked out with a killer slate of mods and perks that push the physical damage it deals to 42. That isn’t incredibly high on its own but considering that the gun fires 350 rounds a minute, it’s got an incredibly high DPS.

On top of that, the microgun comes with a couple of perks that add to the mayhem. Specifically, Lacerate and Skip Shot. Lacerate randomly applies a bleed effect to a target, draining their health even when being directly shot. But Skip Shot is really what makes this legendary heavy weapon completely unfair, as it ensures that every fourth bullet fired is two bullets in one.

One commenter recommended giving the gun to a companion since companions have infinite ammo. Though, it doesn’t seem like that would be too much of a problem for BigBob145, since the Legendary Skip Shot Assassin’s Advanced Microgun takes 7.77MM rounds, of which they have 13,455, according to the picture. Even with the microgun consuming 350 rounds per minute, BigBob145 likely won’t run out of ammo anytime soon.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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