• Tears of the Kingdom players can use the Ultrahand ability to create cool devices, including a budget-friendly device made of a tree and a Zonai mirror to stun Hinox.
  • Zonai devices found around Sky Islands in the game provide players with obvious benefits, such as the Hover Stone that defies gravity and the Beam Emitter that shoots laser attacks.
  • Hinox is a challenging enemy in Tears of the Kingdom, but defeating it can yield valuable monster parts for upgrading equipment.

One The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has built a simple but effective device to stun Hinox. In Tears of the Kingdom, players can use a variety of ways to show off their creativity, including the Ultrahand ability that allows them to make some cool devices. This incredible tool leads to a number of inventions that make playing the game even more entertaining. Players will unlock Ultrahand shortly after completing a shrine located on the Great Sky Island.

One of the newer gameplay features in Tears of the Kingdom is Zonai devices, magical items that add some functionality to custom builds. Players can use these parts in conjunction with the Ultrahand ability to create anything from scratch, including torture machines, floating resorts, and self-sufficient planes. Zonai devices are found around the Sky Islands, and they provide players with some obvious benefits. In an example, the Hover Stone defies gravity while the Beam Emitter shoots laser attacks to kill a crowd of enemies.

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A Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player known as JustPuppiesNRainbows went online to show their invention that can be used to stun Hinox. It’s a budget-friendly device made up of a tree and a Zonai mirror, which reflects the light into the eye of Hinox from a short distance. All players have to do is put one of these magical mirrors on top of a typical medium tree. In addition, it can be weaponized with beam emitters to kill the enemy while the light stuns it.

This practical device will probably cost less than many other Ultrahand creations. On the Reddit thread, fellow Tears of the Kingdom players were impressed by its simplicity, with some admitting that it’s the funniest killing method they’ve ever seen. It remains to be seen if an advanced version of this machine will be made in the future.

Tears of the Kingdom‘s open world is sprawling with many formidable enemies, several of which can take down players in a few seconds. From three-headed dragons and stone titans to Hinox, these enemies may be challenging to defeat without understanding their attack patterns. Despite being slower than many other bosses, Hinox can deal a high amount of damage with its heavy attacks. This one-eyed creature can be found in locations like Carok Bridge, Purifier Lake, Hebra North Crest, and Rowan Plains. Once defeated, Hinox drops some monster parts that players can use to upgrade their equipment.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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