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  • Lisa Horne and Brian Okoye left The Ultimatum as soon as they found out they were expecting, skipping the trial marriage portion of the experiment.
  • The couple is focused on providing love and care to their child, Mason, and they are excited to be parents.
  • Okoye has already shown himself to be a great bonus dad to Horne’s 10-year-old daughter, and he is hands-on and super protective of their baby boy.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On Season 2 sees another round of couples (who are at the brink of their relationship) putting their love to the test, with one from each issuing an ultimatum to their partner who isn’t ready to get married yet for different reasons. But, in typical reality TV fashion, they can also take their chances with the cast members who they think would be their potential matches. In the end, each couple must decide whether to give their relationship another chance or leave the competition apart, calling it quits. That wasn’t the case, though, for Lisa Horne and Brian Okoye, who left the program as soon as they found out about their baby, whom they welcomed a few months ago. Fortunately, the two appear to have things figured out, even saying their lives have been nothing short of “amazing” lately.

Their time in The Ultimatum may have ended early, but the couple seems to have patched things up already, living their best lives since welcoming their baby boy, Mason. Speaking with, Horne, 32, and Okoye, 29, provided an update on their lives since leaving the show.

Life Has Been Great For Okoye and Horne After Their Shocking Exit From ‘The Ultimatum’

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During the interview, Okoye shared that he and Horne have been devoted to providing their child with the love and attention he needs. “Well, life has been amazing actually…Lisa and I have been really just focusing on developing [Mason] and making sure that he receives all the love and care that he needs. And he’s growing super fast…and we’re just really excited to be parents.” When asked about how it felt to see Okoye become a father, Horne — who has a 10-year-old daughter from her previous relationship — said that she already knew he would be a “great dad,” as she had already seen how Okoye served as a parent to her daughter.

She added: “He just helps me with her homework, taking her to school, being super involved in her life…I already knew he was [going to] be a great dad, but seeing him with a child — with us — has been amazing … he’s like super protective over him, and he’s … so hands on. Seeing him doing little dances with him around the house … singing to him … it’s just so cute.”

All ten episodes of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On are now available to stream on Netflix.

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