• The role of Jonathan Kent in Superman and Lois season 3 was recast, sparking curiosity among viewers.
  • Jordan Elsass, the original Jonathan Kent actor, did not return for season 3 for personal reasons, and as such the role was later taken on by Michael Bishop.
  • The transition from Elsass to Bishop was done well, ensuring that the change in actors didn’t disrupt the overall viewing experience of the show.

The role of Jonathan Kent was recast for Superman and Lois season 3, raising many questions for curious viewers of the DC show. The more athletic of Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s twin sons, Jonathan “Jon” Kent earned the quarterback position on the Metropolis High School varsity football team as a freshman. Lois and Clark were fearful that Jon’s natural talents were a sign that he was slowly developing Kryptonian superpowers, but it was their less outgoing son, Jordan, who followed in his father’s footsteps as a superhero by gaining his powers first, with Jonathan’s own only temporarily manifesting as a result of taking X-Kryptonite.

While roles are often recast on popular television shows, the Arrowverse series have had surprisingly few recasts over the years. The most famous one in the Arrowverse timeline came in Batwoman season 2, where Wallis Day replaced Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, after the original Batwoman had her face altered by Black Mask. Something similar happened in Black Lightning season 4, with Laura Karuki seemingly replacing China Ann McClain as Jennifer Pierce, before “JJ” was exposed as an imposter. Things were somewhat less dramatic when it came to Jonathan Kent looking different from Superman and Lois season 3, but this arguably only made audiences all the more curious as to why the change actually occurred.

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Why Jonathan Kent Actor Jordan Elsass Exited Superman & Lois After Season 2


Warner Bros. TV released a statement in August 2022 confirming that Jordan Elsass, who originated the role of Jonathan Kent in Superman and Lois, would not be returning for the third season and that his role would be recast. No reason was given at the time for why Elsass was leaving the show. Later that month, Elsass explained his decision in a Cameo video, which was also shared on his social media. Citing the importance of mental health, Elsass explained that he needed “some time to myself,” and that he felt the need to take a break from acting, despite being excited about Superman and Lois season 3.

Who Is New Jonathan Kent Actor Michael Bishop?

Michael Bishop as Jonathan Kent with classmates in Superman and Lois season 3 premiere

In September 2023, roughly one month after Jordan Elsass’ departure was announced, actor Michael Bishop was confirmed as the new Jonathan Kent for Superman and Lois season 3. Bishop is a popular young actor in his native home country of Australia, where he played the role of Teddy in the television series Grace Besides Me. He also appeared in several short films, including Skin Like Bark and Shelter. Bishop made his American television debut in 2021, playing the lead role of Max in the Disney Channel movie Spin.

Bishop also fit well into the role, continuing to flesh out Jonathan Kent throughout Superman and Lois season 3. Continuing on from two seasons of another actor’s work on a character isn’t an easy task, but the eldest Kent’s arc was done justice through the transitory period of being played by Jordan Elsass to Michael Bishop, ensuring the change didn’t prove too jarring for audiences. This, alongside many other decisions, ensured that Superman and Lois season 3 was able to hold up despite the complications that arose from the management changes at The CW and Warner Bros. Discovery during this time.

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