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  • Tamar Braxton’s recent car robbery has led fans to believe her relationship with J.R. Robinson is over, as she expressed feeling “not safe anywhere.”
  • During an Instagram Live session, Tamar mentioned being alone, leaving viewers speculating if she was hinting at relationship troubles.
  • Tamar’s YouTube series, “All Things Black and White,” has not been updated in over a month, possibly indicating the end of her relationship with J.R.

Tamar Braxton is in the midst of a renaissance of her own. She’s preparing for a new tour celebrating the 10th anniversary of her album, Love and War, and shows have already begun selling out. She recently had some bad luck, and between that and other social media posts, many are wondering if her relationship with J.R. Robinson has come to an end.

Tamar and J.R. met on the Peacock series, Queen’s Court. She, alongside other “queens” of reality TV (Evelyn Lozada and Nivea) were featured in the series, which had a goal of helping the ladies find true love. The season ended with proposals, including one from J.R. to Tamar. The two have since had their fair share of ups and downs, as J.R. has children with multiple women. But now, after news broke of Tamar’s car being broken into, there have also been signs that her relationship with J.R. is done. Here are the top three signs that show that the two have called it quits.

1 Tamar Braxton Says She’s Unsafe

Tamar Braxton
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The biggest clue for fans came this past week. Shortly after her national anthem performance at the Atlanta Falcons game on September 17, Tamar discovered that her car had been robbed. In a post via instagram she shared the footage of the robbery, and it was captioned,

“I got robbed. At home. I’m not safe anywhere. I don’t know why I keep getting violated. I had a lot in my car cause I don’t live anywhere cause I’m not safe anywhere or with anyone.”

Given that she’s been engaged, this statement was puzzling to many fans. Theoretically, a person in a loving relationship should not feel unsafe and alone in a time of crisis.

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2 Her Recent Instagram Live Session Dropped More Hints

Tamar Braxton Braxton Family Values
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During an instagram live session, Tamar hopped online to discuss her upcoming tour and more. As fans sent their comments and she shared her news, Tamar did feel the need to share that she was alone during the live session. To those watching it felt like it came out of nowhere. Is it possible that she was hinting at more than just being home alone at the moment? Speculation further rose when she explained why she selected RHOA star Drew Sidora to star as her opening act, and she said because she relates to Drew’s vulnerability over being alone.

Tamar Braxton and JR Robinson on Queen's Court
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A quick cursory look on Tamar’s YouTube page also hints at the potential end of her relationship with J.R. The two had a brief series they started a few months ago, All Things Black and White, which focuses on their relationship as an interracial couple raising kids of different races. There are only two episodes, however, with the last one being updated over a month ago. Tamar did start a new series in between that time, dipping her toe into the reality TV world again with her newer YouTube series, Days With Tay. There is someone noticeably missing from the new series, and that is her fiancé. Perhaps the reason he’s not there is that their relationship is over.

Naturally, without an official announcement, this theory lives in the realm of speculation. And, prior to the break in, J.R. posted a loving video of Tamar’s national anthem performance. Tamar commented in kind with equally loving words, so it’s possible that they are doing just fine, and we’re reacting to nothing. Whatever the case is, we do hope justice is served soon in this robbery incident.

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