It Takes Two is a co-op game from Hazelight Studios that won the Game of the Year award at the Game Awards 2021. The gameplay and the richly detailed chapters brought much appreciation, but it was the story of Cody and May and how they worked through their marital issues that clinched it for fans.

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Although the plot is fairly detailed and has great scriptwriting, there are some instances where players would rather skip the cutscenes and get down to the puzzles and adventure. Fortunately, It Takes Two allows players to skip cutscenes, which can be a very useful feature for those doing a second playthrough.

How To Skip Cutscenes In It Takes Two

Since this is a narrative-focused puzzle adventure, there are plenty of cutscenes present. While players are encouraged to experience them in their entirety, the pace can feel a bit slow at times. At such points, it becomes important to know how to skip cutscenes in It Takes Two. Here are the steps players must follow to do so:

  1. Once a cutscene is playing, hold down the B button on Xbox, X on PlayStation, Q on PC, or A on the Nintendo Switch.
  2. A standard circular skip button will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Hold down the button until the semicircle is complete.
  3. Once both the semicircular bars fill up, the cutscene will be skipped.

It is important to note that one player cannot skip a cutscene on their own, as they will only be able to fill half of the skip bar alone.

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What Is It Takes Two About?

Steps to skip cutscenes in It Takes Two

Hazelight Studios’ It Takes Two is a game that incorporates fun puzzles, light parkour, and great design throughout its runtime. Although these factors make it a must-play title on their own, the story cannot be understated.

It follows Cody and May, a couple who have been facing serious issues in their marriage. When they tell their daughter Rose that they wish to get a divorce, she runs away to hide and tries to cope by playing with her dolls, wishing her parents would stop fighting. This causes May and Cody to get trapped in the dolls’ bodies. They then embark on an adventure to rediscover their feelings for each other and mend their bond.

All throughout their journey, they discover the causes of their problems, the meaning of working together, and the love they share for Rose. This heart-touching story is crucial in making the game a must-have for everyone. So, even though players can skip cutscenes from the very start, they are encouraged to go through them in their entirety at least once.

It Takes Two is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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