Fu Xuan is a unique Preservation character in Honkai: Star Rail that doesn’t provide an extra HP via shield but rather reduces the damage taken by her teammates. She was released along with Lynx, a Quantum-Abundance character, which means that players can now make an all-Quantum team with four Quantum characters of different Paths.

Generally, Fu Xuan works in any team comp that requires a Preservation character, but the following guide contains some of the best Fu Xuan team comps in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Fu Xuan + Blade + Lynx + Bronya

fu xuan-blade-lynx-and bronya team in honkai star rail

Fu Xuan’s DMG reduction pairs brilliantly with Blade as he wants to get hit, but it’s not ideal for him to lose too much HP at the same time. On top of that, Fu Xuan also gives other buffs like HP and Crit Rate that Blade needs. Next, players can add Lynx and use the Landau’s Skill on Blade so that enemies are taunted to hit him. Lynx also provides further HP boost, which is the stat that Blade primarily uses to deal damage.

Fu Xuan’s buff lasts for three turns while Lynx’s buff lasts for two turns. Pair this with the fact that Blade only has to use his skill once every three turns and players will have a very Skill Point-friendly team. This makes it perfect for Bronya to be included as the last character in the team; she can continuously buff Blade as she won’t be lacking the Skill Points to do so.

Fu Xuan + Lynx + Silver Wolf + Seele

fu xuan-lynx- silver wolf-and seele team in honkai star rail

The next best team comp for Fu Xuan in Honkai: Star Rail is the mono-Quantum team that will be primarily supported by Silver Wolf. As the team only consists of Quantum characters, Silver Wolf is guaranteed to put Quantum weakness on the enemy, allowing Seele to deal larger damage and the entire team to quickly break the enemy’s Toughness.

Unlike in the previous team where Lynx will be putting the taunt on the DPS, in this team, she will be using her Skill on Fu Xuan. If players own Fu Xuan’s Light Cone in Honkai: Star Rail, She Already Shut Her Eyes, the Master Diviner will increase the damage dealt by the entire team when her HP is reduced, but if players don’t have it, it’s no problem as Fu Xuan should still be the one taking damage since she’s a Preservation character that will stack up on HP and can take a lot of hits. Furthermore, she can also heal herself when her HP gets critically low, which makes her a highly reliable and low-maintenance tank.

Fu Xuan + Imbibitor Lunae + Lynx + Tingyun

fu xuan-imbibitor lunae-lynx-and tingyun team in honkai star rail

Similar to the Blade team, this Fu Xuan team will also feature Lynx. But this time, she will be using her Skill on Imbibitor Lunae. Players don’t have to worry about the DPS taking too much damage as Fu Xuan will significantly reduce the damage taken by her teammates.

Imbibitor Lunae getting hit causes him to regain his Ultimate faster, especially with the assistance of Tingyun’s Ultimate. Similar to the Blade team, this team also uses minimum Skill Points as Tingyun’s buff lasts for 3 turns. This means all the Skill Points can be used by Imbibitor Lunae, allowing him to endlessly use his Fulgurant Leap.

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