Healers mostly don’t do much apart from healing in Honkai: Star Rail, but a variety of them are welcomed for their Elements, which allows people to ensure there are units to break the enemy’s Toughness with. When it comes to Quantum, a healer with this Element is deeply desired thanks to the existence of Silver Wolf, a Nihility unit that can add a weakness to the enemy.

When Silver Wolf was released, players couldn’t make an all-Quantum team as there were only Qingque and Seele available. But with Lynx and Fu Xuan, Silver Wolf can finally be at her best potential. If players are excited about the final Landau sibling, here are some examples of Lynx team compositions in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Lynx + Blade + Fu Xuan + Bronya

lynx-blade-fu xuan-and bronya team in honkai star rail

Blade is an excellent Destruction character that plays around HP to deal damage. Players would want to give him HP stat and let him get hit occasionally to stack up his Talent, where he’ll deal large damage from a follow-up attack. He has amazing survivability and can hold his own ground, but with Fu Xuan and Lynx, he can be a whole new monster.

Both Lynx and Fu Xuan provide an HP boost, which not only increases the team’s survivability but also Blade’s DPS. Lynx can also put Survival Response on a character with her Skill, which increases the chance of Preservation and Destruction characters to get hit. This means Lynx can ensure Blade stacks up on his Talent quickly while also healing him along the way. As Lynx, Fu Xuan, and Blade all don’t demand Skill Points often, Bronya can be the one consuming them.

Lynx + Fu Xuan + Silver Wolf + Seele

lynx-fu xuan- silver wolf-and seele team in honkai star rail

Of course, the mono-Quantum team is the next one on the list. This team is an all-rounder as it includes a healer and cleanser, a tanker, a debuffer, and a powerful DPS all at the same time. Since Silver Wolf is guaranteed to apply Quantum weakness to the enemy, the entire team can contribute to depleting the enemy’s Toughness, and eventually triggering a Weakness Break.

In this team, players would want to put Lynx’s Survival Response on Fu Xuan, letting her tank all the damage. If players have the Master Diviner’s signature Light Cone, She Already Shut Her Eyes, doing so will even grant the entire team a DMG buff when Fu Xuan loses HP.

Lynx + Imbibitor Lunae + Fu Xuan + Tingyun

lynx-imbibitor lunae-fu xuan-and tingyun team in honkai star rail

Lynx’s Survival Response works on Preservation and Destruction character, which means she can use it to make enemies hit Imbibitor Lunae more often. Since he demands so many Skill Points, his team must be Skill Point-friendly, and this Lynx team comp just that.

The taunt applied to Imbibitor Lunae causes him to take more hits, which means he gains Energy faster for his Ultimate. However, players don’t have to worry about him getting downed as Fu Xuan also protects with her Skill and Talent, and if things ever go wrong, Lynx’s Ultimate can work as an emergency button to heal everyone instantly.

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On top of the Energy obtained from getting hit, Tingyun will also recharge Imbibitor Lunae’s Ultimate using her own Ultimate. The ATK buff she gives from her Skill lasts for three turns, so players don’t have to reapply it often.

All in all, with Fu Xuan’s and Tingyun’s buff lasting for three turns, Lynx’s status lasting for two turns, and Imbibitor Lunae getting plenty of Energy sources, this team will let players use Dan Heng IL’s Fulgurant Leap as often as possible.

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April 26, 2023

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