• A Starfield player has created an impressive ship design inspired by the Legendary Pokemon Groudon, capturing its basic features and color scheme.
  • Starfield’s ships are important for exploration and serve as the player’s customizable mobile home, with various components and interiors.
  • The Reddit user behind the Groudon ship design has also created a Kyogre ship and fans are curious if they will complete the Weather Trio.

A Starfield player has come up with quite the creative ship design, modeling their space vessel after the Legendary Pokemon Groudon. The impressive spacecraft somehow manages to capture just about all of the basic features that make Groudon identifiable, which appears to be catching the eye of quite a few fellow Starfield players.

Starfield‘s ships are an integral part of the Bethesda-produced title, as they are required to reach any of the 1,000+ visitable planets. Beyond being a means of transportation, Starfield‘s spaceships act as the player’s mobile home, with fully customizable interiors as well as a wide swathe of components like cargo modules, engines, weaponry, and more. While there are a variety of purchasable ships in Starfield which often come with stats on the higher end of the spectrum, the player community has been flexing its creativity with imaginative custom builds.

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The Groudon-themed Starfield ship was created by a Reddit user with the handle of banzailang, who shared their impressive build to one of the site’s main Pokemon forums. The massive vehicle manages to capture Groudon’s basic body structure, including its stocky build and relatively short limbs. The ship’s coloring also accurately reflects that of the Pokemon with a deep red along with a gray undercarriage, accented by a handful of white components. With the cockpit in the head, the post’s additional images show the ship in action, flying through space and landing on planets.

The unusual ship design is being well recieved by others, with the post garnering several dozen upvotes within just a few hours of being posted. The comments section is filled with nothing but praise, as well. The same player actually has a related ship build under their belt, as they made a Starfield ship modeled after Kyogre very recently. The Kyogre ship is arguably even more accurate than the Groudon one above, likely because of Kyogre’s more aerodynamic form.

With both Groudon and Kyogre getting their own Starfield ship designs, fans have asked the creator if they plan on completing the Weather Trio. Considering the lore behind Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon, it would make the most sense for Rayquaza to be turned into a Starfield ship, given that the Pokemon is so heavily associated with the sky. However, Rayquaza’s serpentine-like body may be a difficult task to translate into a recognizable Starfield ship.

Starfield‘s robust ship customization features have certainly led to quite a number of interesting and imaginative custom player builds. However, for those looking to save up enough to purchase some of the best pre-built ships in the game, they can take advantage of Starfield‘s puddle glitch, which gives players an unlimited amount of Credits and a variety of other valuable loot.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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