• Starfield’s ship builder offers immense flexibility, allowing players to create faithful replicas of iconic ships from other game series like Metroid.
  • The player tht_aint_it_chief recreated Samus Aran’s Hunter-class vessel from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, capturing the iconic disc-like shape and yellow-green color palette.
  • The replica is not only visually accurate but also highly functional, accommodating various weaponry and extra cargo holds, making it suitable for role-playing as a bounty hunter in a Metroid game.

One Starfield player and an apparent fan of the Metroid series managed to construct a faithful replica of Samus Aran’s most iconic ship in Bethesda’s galaxy-spanning RPG. Their achievement adds to the already sizable pile of evidence testifying to the immense flexibility of Starfield’s ship builder.

While players are free to ignore Starfield’s spacecraft construction capabilities, those who do choose to engage with these mechanics are likely to find them to be incredibly in-depth, allowing for some truly creative designs. Many players have thus been experimenting with this feature ever since the game hit early access, having already delivered everything from a Starfield rendition of Batman’s Tumbler to scary scorpion-shaped ships.

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The latest such custom design inspired by an existing game series comes from Reddit user tht_aint_it_chief, who recently went through the effort of recreating one iconic spacecraft from Metroid in Starfield. Since Samus Aran has actually gone through several different gunships over the course of the Metroid franchise, the player opted to emulate the look of her most recognizable craft that is the Hunter-class vessel from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, itself an homage to the ship featured in the 1994 SNES classic Super Metroid.

Their engineering efforts resulted in a vessel that’s remarkably close to Samus Aran’s iconic spacecraft, not least because of its disc-like shape and a yellow-green color palette. Since Starfield doesn’t allow players to change the tint of their cockpit windshields, the creator of this unique design opted to adorn the area around the pilot compartment with green hull accents evocative of the original gunship’s similarly-colored windows. But even without the ability to nail that minuscule detail, the final result of their endeavor is instantly recognizable as the iconic Metroid ship.

As an added bonus, this talented Starfield player put together a thorough tutorial with a complete parts list and step-by-step component placement instructions, allowing anyone to recreate their design. Elaborating on that decision, the fan explained that they wanted to help people role-play as bounty hunters who wouldn’t feel out of place in a Metroid game. To that end, they weren’t merely content with recreating the look of Samus’s ship, but also made sure that the final design is highly functional. Their replica can thus accommodate pretty much any combination of weaponry, and also comes with free space underneath for fitting some extra cargo holds, shielded for contraband or otherwise.

This authentic take on the iconic Metroid starship is far from the only impressive custom vessel that Bethesda’s fandom designed to date. Another such spacecraft made the rounds on social media several days back in the form of an imposing Starfield replica of the Titanic.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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