‘Role Play’ Images – Kaley Cuoco Is Trapped Between Two Worlds

The Big Picture

  • Kaley Cuoco showcases her talent in dark comedies like Flight Attendant and Based on a True Story, and now takes on an action role in Role Play.
  • Bill Nighy, known for his roles in franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean, joins Cuoco in the film as a character connected to Cuoco’s secretive past.
  • Role Play explores the idea of role playing in marriage, as Cuoco’s character, an assassin, tries to keep her secret life hidden from her husband while facing threats from the government.

A brand-new movie poster and stills have been released for Kaley Cuoco‘s upcoming action-comedy project, Role Play. Directed by Thomas Vincent, Role Play sees Cuoco back in the familiar territory of working in dark comedies — as her most recent projects, such as Flight Attendant and Based on a True Story, are dark comedies that showcase just how well Cuoco excels outside of sitcoms like The Big Band Theory. This time, Cuoco stretches her action chops as she steps into the role of a deadly assassin living in the suburbs.

Joining Cuoco in Role Play is Bill Nighy, most recognizable from his roles in franchises such as the Pirates of the Caribbean and Underworld. Nighy portrays Bob, a person that’s seemingly connected to Emma’s secretive past. His role was initially meant to go to Billy Bob Thornton, per Variety. However, the actor was forced to pull out. The film also co-stars David Oyelowo, best known for his critically acclaimed roles in The Butler, Selma, Nightingale, and Queen of Katwe. Oyelowo portrays David, the husband of Cuoco’s character Emma. The two have a family in the suburbs and seemingly enjoy a pretty quiet life.

Role Play spices up the idea of role playing in your marriage. David and Emma decide to take their date night to the next level, opting to pretend to be different people who seduce one another. Little does David know, his wife is literally a different person as she’s an international assassin with a long list of people after her — and the government is first on that list. Pretty soon, Emma’s suburban life falls apart around her after the mysterious stranger, Bob, makes it clear that there’s more to Emma than meets the eye. As Emma tries to put the pieces of her life back together, David must face the truth about who is wife truly is, and if he wants to keep his family together and stay with her.

‘Role Play’ Images Show the Cast In Action

Alongside the newly-released trailer and poster, images from the movie have also been revealed, showcasing the cast. The images put a spotlight on Cuoco and Oyelowo as a suburban couple. Nighy’s mysterious Bob is also seen with Cuoco’s assassin character. While the images do not reveal much in terms of storyline, they still tease what fans can expect from the upcoming movie.

Per Entertainment Weekly, Vincent describes the film as another “version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” However, the main bread and butter is the relationship between Emma and Dave, as Vincent argues that the couple has a lot to “overcome” after a “seven-year itch situation” of marriage and kids. And the director praises his actors for bringing that across: “The chemistry between the two of them is what helped us figure out that the movie is about them,” Vincent shared. “Whenever we ran into something that was not working as we thought it should, the solution was always: Make it about them as a couple. They love each other, we love seeing them together, but they’re a bit tired of each other and she has been lying for a while. How are they going to get over that secret?” Outside all the action and comedy, this is what Vincent believes audiences will keep coming back to.

Role Play will premiere on Prime Video January 12. Check out the movie poster below and stay tuned to Collider for future updates.

Kaley-Cuoco and David-Oyelowo star as Emma and Dave in new 'Role Play' poster
Image via Prime Video

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