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  • Nicole complains about how she has been treated by other real estate agents, specifically accusing Chrishell of taking credit for her listings three years ago.
  • Mary Bonnet advises Nicole to leave Chrishell alone and focus on her current clients, emphasizing that it was Jason’s fault for causing the confusion.
  • The tension between Nicole and Chrishell continues, with Chrishell apologizing for getting heated but Nicole feeling that Chrishell started the conflict and implying they will discuss the issues further in the upcoming reunion.

Selling Sunset Season 7 showed Nicole Young complaining about how the other real estate agents treated her. Last season she accused Chrishell Stause of taking credit for her listings three years ago. Needless to say, Chrishell wasn’t happy about that and retaliated. Mary Bonnet revealed how she told Nicole to handle the situation. And now, founder Jason Oppenheim, is getting the heat for a feud that is ongoing on the Netflix reality series.

Jason Oppenheim Is to Blame For Nicole Young and Chrishell Stause Feud

Alexandra Jarvis, Gio Helou, Nicole Young, Bre Tiesi, Amanza Smith, Jason Oppenheim, Brett Oppenheim, Chelsea Lazkani, Emma Hernan, Mary Fitzgerald, Marie-Lou Nurk toast at a dinner table on 'Selling Sunset'
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Season 7 showed the cast going to Cabo. But Nicole traveled with Jason and Brett Oppenheim, while the other agents traveled together on a private jet. Nicole claimed she was being singled out and was “uninvited” on the jet. Chrishell claimed she was never invited on the jet. Jason admitted he gave Nicole the jet details, which caused the confusion.

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“In this situation, I’ve been very honest with her about that,” Mary told Us Weekly. “I’m like, ‘I’ve tried to be a friend to you. I’ve tried to tell you, you are not doing yourself any favors. Here’s the reality, here’s what’s going on. This is an old situation. It’s Jason’s fault for doing it. It’s not Chrishell’s fault. You need to let it go. You need to drop it. It doesn’t matter. You’re not gonna go back to it. Focus on your current clients, focus on this. Leave Chrishell alone. Just stop.’

Jason previously dated Nicole and Chrishell, and they continue to work at The Oppenheim Group. Nicole claimed Jason allowed the former soap actor to steal her listings. Chrishell accused Nicole of acting “cracked out” on the cast trip to Palm Springs. Season 7 showed Chrishell taking more space away from the cast outings in order to be “civil” around Nicole. That meant they didn’t stay in the same house as they did last year.

Jason once again asked Nicole to prepare Chrishell’s listing in “Setting The Stage for Disaster” because she was out of the office. “Obviously, this is what happened last time,” Chrishell told Jason and Nicole. “So I’m gonna be a little hesitant to figure this out. Like, if you’ve been putting in work on this, you take it.” Jason said this was fair and this was 110% Chrishell’s listing. Nicole wasn’t happy about this. “You’re very welcome for doing all the work for you,” she said in her interview.

Jason pushed them to resolve their issues. Chrishell apologized to Nicole and said she was triggered by certain things. “I’m gonna try and smoke my peace pipe,” she said. “I’m sorry for taking it to a dirty place.” Nicole thanked her for the apology. Chrishell was surprised Nicole didn’t acknowledge anything she did.

There is still another chance for them to discuss their issues. Season 7’s reunion will be released on November 15. “Her implying that I’m trying to start a battle,” Nicole tells host Tan France in the trailer. “Do not speak for me,” Chrishell interrupted her. “You started the fire, and now we’re in it. So let’s go.” All seasons of Selling Sunset are available for streaming on Netflix.

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