• World of Warcraft’s 19th anniversary event is now live until December 7th, offering players a chance to earn free rewards, including the new Azure Worldchiller mount.
  • Logging in during the event period grants players an achievement, a gift of 200 Timewarped badges, a 19% experience and reputation boost, and the Lil’ Frostwing mount.
  • The event also includes activities like Alterac Valley of Olde, where players can earn more Timewarped badges, achievements, and special cosmetics and mounts, as well as mini-games and challenges with world bosses.

The 19th anniversary celebration for World of Warcraft has officially begun, bringing the new Azure Worldchiller mount, an experience and reputation boost, and more. From now until December 7th, players can log into World of Warcraft to reap tons of free rewards for the anniversary event.

Every year in November, World of Warcraft has an anniversary event full of free stuff players can pick up. Often based in the Caverns of Time, these events add new mounts and pets to collect each year, and they feature a special anniversary vendor to spend the Timewarped Badge currency acquired via Timewalking in World of Warcraft.

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The 19th anniversary follows suit in World of Warcraft with some new rewards, gifts, and opportunities. By logging in during the anniversary periods, players get an achievement and a gift containing 200 Timewarped badges, a 19% experience and reputation boost, and the Lil’ Frostwing mount. Players can also defeat the limited-time Doomwalker world boss to get more Timewarped Badges, catch-up gear, and the new Azure Worldchiller mount in World of Warcraft.

When is World of Warcraft’s 19th Anniversary Event?

  • Now through December 7, 2023.

The Azure Worldchiller is a blue recolor of the Deathwing-themed Obsidian Worldbreaker mount from World of Warcraft’s 15th anniversary, and Lil’ Frostwing is an icy reskin of the Lil’ Deathwing pet from the Cataclysm Collector’s Edition. With the pet being free and the mount having a 100% drop chance, these World of Warcraft collectibles are easy to get and are must-haves for any player–even more so given that the Azure Worldchiller will be able to use Dynamic Flying in The War Within.

There are plenty of other activities during the 19th anniversary event in World of Warcraft. Alterac Valley of Olde gives players a chance to return to the iconic PvP battlefield to earn more Timewarped Badges, achievements, and special cosmetics and mounts. Players can purchase items from previous anniversary events, including the Corgi Pup and Timeless Mechanical Dragonling pets and the Illidari Doomhawk mount, from Historian Ma’di, the event vendor. The Caverns of Time are filled with minigames, concerts, and trivia contests players can enjoy, or they can challenge old World of Warcraft world bosses featured in The Originals quest to earn more cosmetics and Timewarped Badges.

Players should be sure to log in and defeat the Doomwalker at least once during the event period, but the free 200 Timewalking badges are awarded to each character, making it a wise idea to log on to each of their World of Warcraft alts at least once. The 19% experience and reputation boost lasts until the event ends–and even works on the new Dream Wardens Renown faction–so players should be sure to capitalize on everything the event has to offer.

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