Should You Choose Breezy or Normal Difficulty Mode in Super Mario RPG?

Most modern video games provide players with a plethora of difficulty settings and intuitive accessibility options to choose from, allowing them to tweak and tailor the experience to best suit their own specific needs. However, due to it being a remake, Super Mario RPG isn’t really a modern game in the traditional sense, and this is reflected in its somewhat limited difficulty options.

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When players first boot up the game, they’ll be asked to choose between two different difficulty modes; these being Normal and Breezy. As their names might suggest, the latter is the easier of the two options, but those looking to find the best difficulty mode in Super Mario RPG may need a bit more guidance to help them understand exactly what each mode entails.

Which Difficulty Setting Should You Choose in Super Mario RPG?


Players who are simply looking to experience the story of Super Mario RPG should choose the Breezy Mode option, as doing so will provide several key bonuses. For starters, enemies and bosses are around 10% weaker and attack action commands have a longer window, making battles a lot simpler than they previously were. The party will also level up around 20% faster and be able to carry more items in their inventory, allowing players to focus more of their attention on the main story.


Those looking for a more balanced experience should opt for Normal. In this mode, battles are balanced normally and players will be able to hold fewer items. Players will need to master the blocking mechanic in order to succeed in Normal Mode or spend a bit more time grinding for XP. It’s worth noting that the difficulty mode does not affect the story in the slightest, so players needn’t worry about missing out on anything by going with the easier of the two options. Also, the choice is far from final.

How to Change Difficulty Mode in Super Mario RPG


Players may be interested to learn that it’s possible to change the difficulty mode in Super Mario RPG at just about any time with the push of a few buttons. To do so, players should pause the game with the + button and then head to the System menu, where they’ll find an option to select difficulty. There’s no real penalty for going from Normal to Breezy, though when switching the other way, players will lose any items above the default carry limit that can’t fit in the storage box at Mario’s house.

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November 17, 2023

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