How To Get The Monarch Rifle In Remnant 2

The first DLC for Remnant 2 added a bunch of weapons and items that give players new ways to push back against the Root and all the other mean monsters that are out to get them during their adventures. One such addition includes the Monarch, a fully automatic Long Gun with one of the game’s more interesting firing modes.

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The Monarch can be a little tough to get, but it’s nothing that Remnant 2 players won’t be able to handle. This guide reveals where to get the Monarch and provides a brief overview of what it brings to the table

How to Get Monarch in Remnant 2

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To get the Monarch rifle, players need to defeat the One True King normally. This means players must beat the final boss of the DLC while his giant hammer is still in one piece. Killing him with his hammer unbroken yields the Agony Spike, the material needed to craft the Monarch.

The best way to guarantee the Agony Spike to drop is to simply ignore the hammer while fighting the One True King. Players should avoid using AOE attacks and focus on attacking the king himself. He’ll eventually go down, and the Agony Spike will be in the player’s hands not long after. It can then be taken to McCabe to get the Monarch.

What Can The Monarch Do?

This Long Gun fires slow-moving energy bolts that deal relatively low damage per shot. However, this is offset by the gun’s high rate of fire. The Monarch takes this one step further when players activate its intrinsic mod:

  • Chain of Command – Harpoon Mode: Fire a harpoon that marks a target, causing Monarch’s primary fire to become Homing Rounds that deal 15% less damage. Homing Rounds build Influence when hitting enemies. When Influence is filled, the Monarch automatically reloads, creates a shockwave, and gains infinite ammo and 20% bonus damage.

Unlike the majority of other mods, the Monarch’s Chain of Command does not need to be charged up. It can be toggled at will by players, making it a very flexible weapon. It can reach very high DPS numbers when combined with crit-related items. Burden of the Gambler is especially useful when combined with Chain of Command as hitting weak spots with Homing Rounds active becomes terribly difficult. Players might as well enjoy increased critical hit chance and damage stats.

Monarch’s Homing Rounds can still be used to hit weak spots, however. Hitting the harpoon on a target’s head and aiming above it can result in headshots, though this isn’t always reliable. Players are better off toggling Chain of Command off if they want to get those weak spot hits in.

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