Where to Find The Hidden One (All Requests’ Hiding Locations)

In Like a Dragon Gaiden, the Akame Network system stands at the core of the gameplay experience, offering a unique progression mechanic that rewards players for completing various substories and requests.

As Joryu, players can engage in a variety of missions across Sotenbori, each contributing to enhancing the Network’s rank. This advancement unlocks a range of benefits, from improved rewards and points from enemies and quests to reduced costs for vital skill upgrades. Additionally, as players level up the Network, they also gain access to exclusive items in the Akame Shop.

In Like a Dragon’s Chapter 3, a request titled “The Hidden One’s Challenge” unlocks and introduces Joryu to a boy who challenges him to a game of hide-and-seek. Joryu is tasked with locating the boy who positions himself in various hidden spots across Sotenbori. Here’s all three locations players can find the Hidden One to complete each of his requests in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

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Where to Start “The Hidden One’s Challenge” Request Series

The Hidden One located outside of Akame's Hideout in Like a Dragon Gaiden

This series of requests kicks off right outside of Akame’s Hideout, where Joryu encounters the Hide-and-Seek Boy standing near the front door. While his initial dialog makes it sound like Joryu is up for one of the Yakuza series’ chase missions, that isn’t actually the case as these are absent in Like a Dragon Gaiden. Instead, the boy has run off to hide somewhere in Sotenbori, and it’s up to Joryu to find him. This first request is titled “The Hidden One’s Challenge.”

Where to Find the Boy for “The Hidden One’s Challenge” Request

Hidden One's 1st location in Like a Dragon Gaiden

The boy, declaring himself The Hidden One, immediately challenges Joryu with a riddle to pinpoint his first hiding place:

  • “I’m in a place where the far away can whisper in your ear. But hurry now before they all disappear!”

Likely recognizable to veteran fans of the series, the solution to this riddle is a phonebooth. Once common save points in previous Yakuza titles, these phonebooths are now fairly rare in Sotenbori.

The Hidden One's Challenge in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Joryu can find the boy near a phonebooth by the Shofukucho parking lot, located at the bottom left of the Sotenbori map. Engaging with the boy at this spot awards Joryu Akame Points and starts the next challenge.

Where to Find the Boy for “The Hidden One’s Revenge” Request

The Hidden One's 2nd location in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

The boy’s next riddle is somewhat more challenging:

  • “This time it won’t be so easy! Hmm, maybe in an alley will do, but what’s that smell? Something crispy and of the sea, I’m suddenly craving… Takoyaki!”

The Hidden One's Revenge in Like a Dragon Gaiden

This clue steers Joryu towards the Kukuru takoyaki stand, situated in the top right corner of the Sotenbori map, identifiable by a purple restaurant marker. The boy has concealed himself in a narrow alleyway adjacent to this stand.

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Where to Find the Boy for “The Hidden One’s Last Stand” Request

The Hidden One's 3rd location in Like a Dragon Gaiden

The boy’s final riddle ramps up the difficulty:

  • “Now I’m pullin’ out all the stops, I can even hide inside the shops. So come here to wash your clothes all clean, but don’t forget to visit the snack machine!”

In the final challenge of “The Hidden One’s Challenge” series in Like a Dragon Gaiden, while the riddle itself hints straightforwardly at a laundromat, the actual location of this laundromat in Sotenbori is not immediately apparent. Joryu’s search leads him to a small laundromat near the Wanpark Clothier store outside of Ashitaba Park. The clothing store is easy to locate, as it is marked with a blue shop icon.

The Hidden One's Last Stand in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Here, Joryu can find the boy tucked away in a small laundromat next door to the clothing store, crouched behind a trash can. Locating the boy in this final hideout concludes the Hidden One’s series of requests and rewards Joryu with Akame Network Points.

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