How to Find Mysterious Stone

There are plenty of Archetypes in Remnant 2, suited to every gamer’s preference and individual playstyle. However, to unlock these Archetypes, players require special items known as Engrams. Each engram requires a certain crafting material that can be found hidden in any of the game’s diverse worlds.

One of the most sought-after crafting materials in Remnant 2 is the Mysterious Stone. The stone defies the rules of Earth and raises many questions about where it comes from and how it still exists. It is rumored that all Fae life and matter are born from this substance. This guide can help players get their hands on this magical stone.

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How to Find the Mysterious Stone

a suspicious sewer grate in remnant 2

Much like all other crafting materials in Remnant 2, the Mysterious Stone does not have a fixed spawn location. In the Losomn, players must be in either the Ironborough or Morrow Parish zones.

From there, players need to keep an eye out for the correct Manticora that drops the Mysterious Stone when killed. As they explore the area, it’s likely that they will be dragged by a Manticora if they stand too close to any of the drainage grates. This will trigger an event called ‘Manticora from the Drain.’

The Manticora can be behind any of the drains; there is no distinct visual cue to determine which drain will have the Manticora.

If the player is in solo mode, they will wake up inside the Manticora’s lair, atop a pile of bones, and have to battle this mini-boss to complete the event. However, in multiplayer mode, one player will get abducted by the Manticora, and the rest of the team will have to die to continue the event.

The Manticora’s weak spot is his head, so players should aim for it to quickly eliminate this monster. Once the Manticora has been defeated, it drops the Mysterious Stone.

How to Use the Mysterious Stone

With the Mysterious Stone in hand, players can head over to Ward 13 and meet up with the merchant named Wallace. Wallace uses the Mysterious Stone to craft a special engram known as the Philosopher’s Stone. This engram can be used to unlock the Alchemist Archetype.

Players with the Alchemist class can provide powerful buffs to their teammates and increase the team’s strength. As an Alchemist, players can enhance the team’s protective abilities by using potent Vials and consumables.

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