Elden Ring is a fun video game set in the challenging world of the Lands Between where players fight a variety of formidable enemies to be the Elden Lord. Written brilliantly, every character has an in-depth background and storyline, and their own motivations for helping the player or hindering their progress. The gameplay is super interesting and has players captivated all over the world. Like other action games, Elden Ring also has its own weapons, characters, locations, and quests.

Sacred seals are a type of weapon in Elden Ring. These are usually associated with the Faith stat and are used for incantations. Players cannot give Sacred seals armament buffs or any new Ashes of War. There are many Sacred seals in Elden Ring, and the Finger seal is one of them. Like all Sacred seals, the Finger seal also scales with Faith. Keep reading to discover how to find the Finger seal in Elden Ring.

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Finger Seal Location in Elden Ring

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Choosing the Prophet or Confessor class is one way to obtain the Finger seal, as it is one of the starting equipment in the aforementioned classes. In the game, classes are the combat archetypes available during the creation of characters. The class that a player chooses determines the equipment that they will start with, and their base stats as well.

One of the starting classes is Confessor. Although the Confessor class has high Faith, its physical stats are not-so-great. Upon starting with the Confessor class, players shall receive the Finger seal, a kite shield, and the Broadsword.

As mentioned before, the Finger seal, being a type of Sacred seal, cannot be buffed with Ashes of War. It can, however, be upgraded by using Smithing Stones.

Moving on to the Prophet class, it has high Faith and Mind and some Arcane and Strength. With this class, players get the Finger seal, a small shield, and a spear by default.

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The other way to get the Finger seal is to buy it from the Twin Maiden Husks merchant. For that, players will have to travel to Roundtable Hold. Luckily, this area can be accessed early in the game, but players will need to get their horse first. Once there, they will need to find Twin Maiden Husks and purchase the Finger seal for 800 Runes. After purchasing it, players can use this seal to cast incantations. It’s a perfect choice for players who prefer using incantations and sorcery in combat.

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