Overwatch 2 Player Turns D.Va Fail Into a Hilarious Quad Kill


  • A viral clip showcases a D.Va player seemingly failing their Self-Destruct ultimate, but actually scoring a quad kill thanks to the Call Mech skill.
  • During the match, the enemy team rushed the mechless D.Va, unaware that they would trigger D.Va’s Call Mech and get crushed, resulting in a team kill.
  • Commenters compared the play to Doomfist’s ultimate, pointing out that D.Va’s quad kill actually worked unlike Doomfist’s. These jokes may be related to recent balance changes in Overwatch 2.

A recent Overwatch 2 clip has gone viral, showcasing a D.Va player scoring a quad kill with their Self-Destruct ultimate. However, upon closer inspection, the D.Va player seems to have failed successfully, perpetuating one of the most amusing trends found in Overwatch 2.

Thanks to D.Va’s set of skills, a wide assortment of amusing interactions can happen organically when one or two D.Va players are in any given lobby. Take this recent clip as an example, which showed two D.Va players simultaneously scoring a team kill with their Self-Destruct ultimate. With so many factors in play during a typical Overwatch 2 match, sometimes the pandemonium can cause entire times to simultaneously forget some of D.Va’s core mechanics.

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That’s exactly what happened in a clip shared by Reddit user Typical_Plane4874 on the Overwatch subreddit from a competitive match on Busan. At first glance, the D.Va appeared to charge past the enemy Sigma’s Barrier to activate their Self-Destruct ultimate and successfully scored a quad-kill. However, a different angle shows that the D.Va missed their ultimate entirely. As it turns out, the D.Va was able to land a quad kill thanks to the Call Mech skill, which automatically triggers following the Self-Destruct skill.

Right after the D.Va threw out the Self-Destruct skill, they ran to low ground, with the entire enemy team rushing the mechless D.Va. On paper, the enemy team had a decent strategy, as D.Va is highly vulnerable when outside of her mech. Unfortunately, they were all grouped up together when they rushed the D.Va, causing them to get crushed by D.Va’s Call Mech skill. A near-identical play occurred in 2022, that saw a D.Va player landing a triple kill with the Call Mech skill as well.

Humorously, some commenters pointed out that the quad kill worked out similarly to how Doomfist’s Meteor Strike ultimate normally functions, with one commenter adding, “except it actually got kills.” Given the recent nerfs to Doomfist and buffs to D.Va in October’s set of balance changes to Overwatch 2, these jokes may be rooted in actual player experience.

Since Overwatch‘s initial launch in 2016, D.Va has maintained a consistent spot among the roster’s most popular heroes. With her striking character design and sneakily complex kit, viral D.Va gameplay clips are also likely to continue to be a fixture within the larger Overwatch 2 community.

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October 4, 2022



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