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Super Mario RPG players must interact with the Booster portraits in a particular order to open a locked door.

Soon after leaving Moleville during Mario and the gang’s adventure in Super Mario RPG, players will end up in a new location called Booster Pass. This area is not that large, but it does contain two hidden treasures and leads into a major area: Booster Tower. Princess Peach is being held at the top of this establishment by Booster, and players will need to make it to the top. Right before players enter the tower, they will get to recruit Bowser to their party.

After making some progress in Booster Tower, players will eventually reach a save point room that leads to another room with a locked door that requires a key to open. To the right of the door is a note that says, “Take a look at Booster’s family portraits in order from the oldest to the youngest.” To the right of the note, players will see six portraits. These pictures will need to be interacted with from oldest to youngest. Players must fight an enemy if they choose the wrong portrait, so this guide will show Super Mario RPG fans how to solve the Booster Tower portraits puzzle.

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Super Mario RPG: Booster Tower Portraits Puzzle (Correct Order from Oldest to Youngest)

super mario rpg booster tower portraits order

To solve the Booster Tower portraits puzzle, players should interact with the portraits in the order shown below. The leftmost portrait would be considered #1, and the one on the far right is #6.

Booster Tower Portraits Order

If players are confused as to the order of the portraits, follow these steps:

  • Press A on the frame on the far right.
  • Next up is the picture second from the right.
  • The next one is the third from the left.
  • Next up is the first one on the left.
  • Next is the second from the left.
  • The last picture frame is the third from the right.

Correctly choosing the portraits from oldest to youngest will reward Mario with the Elder Key, which is used to open the nearby door leading to the Chomp weapon for Bowser.

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