Evil Dead: The Game – How to Play Leader Ash Williams (Ash Vs. Evil Dead)

Evil Dead: The Game may not have a significant player base anymore, but it has dedicated fans who keep returning for more. Evil Dead: The Game might have seemed like a cash grab at first, but the developers put a lot of thought into the game, as is evident by the complexity of the class system.


One Year Later, Evil Dead: The Game is Proving It Has a Lot of Life Left

Evil Dead: The Game is celebrating its first anniversary in style, with fresh content and a growing community of die-hard fans.

Most movie franchise fans will prefer playing the titular character, Ash Williams, in Evil Dead: The Game. Fortunately, the game allows everyone to play as Ash Williams since the character is available in four different flavors, such as Leader Ash Williams from the Ash vs. Evil Dead TV show. However, players do not know how to play the different character types. Keeping this in mind, this guide will illustrate how players can play Leader Ash Williams specifically, along with other useful information.

How to Play Leader Ash Williams (Ash vs. Evil Dead)

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When playing as Leader Ash, players must consider the following tips:

  • The team will benefit by sticking with Leader Ash as they will benefit from buffs.
  • When a game begins, Leader Ash should work closely with Hunters to explore and find gear before finding the first piece of the map.
  • If a teammate is lost, players should work with the rest of the team to rescue them immediately.
  • Players need to ensure the survival of every teammate as it ensures the team will have a greater chance of success.

After acquiring and upgrading Ash’s aura booster skills, players should boost the character’s melee damage from the Skill Tree. Skills like The Last Word, Devastating Force, and Seeing Stars increase Ash’s melee attacks, and they do devastating damage when the chainsaw has been equipped.

Leader Ash Williams offers the best resistance against fear, and when it is coupled with fear-avoiding strategies from the rest of the team, it can prevent a high possession count. Ultimately, it will affect the opposing demon’s threat and fear gains.

Essentially, Leader Ash’s strategy is to compromise the demon’s economy, keeping them powerless instead of focusing on improving offense against a threat that cannot be managed in the long run.

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May 13, 2022

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