Bass Reeves Season 2 Update From Star Reveals A Compelling Way The Show Can Move Forward


  • David Oyelowo reveals plans for future seasons of Lawmen: Bass Reeves to focus on other famous lawmen from history.
  • The series is not part of the Yellowstone universe, but takes place in the same time period as 1883.
  • Possible subjects for future seasons include Wyatt Earp and Pat Garrett, among other legendary lawmen from the Old West.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves season 2 receives an update from star and executive producer David Oyelowo, who reveals a compelling way the show can continue. With Yellowstone‘s Taylor Sheridan also acting as an executive producer, the series follows the life of the legendary lawman who was one of the first African-American Deputy U.S. Marshals west of the Mississippi River. Lawmen: Bass Reeves premiered November 5 on Paramount+ and has eight episodes in its first season, though there has yet to be any official word on a second.

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Oyelowo was questioned about the possibility of Lawmen: Bass Reeves season 2. The series star and producer says the intention is to tell stories involving “other lawmen in history.” Read his full explanation below:

The idea, going forward, is to have other lawmen in history whose story should be told, who haven’t been told, to have the opportunity to tell those stories. I think there is a feeling, which I very much resonate with, that there is real potency and interest in telling stories of this nature about those who, for whatever reason, fell out of history unjustly. I’m a producer on those going forward; so, the idea is to keep the good work going.

Other Famous Lawmen Future Seasons Could Focus On

Bass Reeves, Billy Crow, and Jackson Cole in Lawmen Bass Reeves episode 5

Though the series was originally titled ​​​​​​1883: The Bass Reeves Story and described as a spinoff of 1883, which itself is a prequel to Yellowstone, Paramount+ has officially clarified that Lawmen is not part of the Yellowstone universe. However, Bass Reeves does still take place around the same time period as 1883 since his story starts in 1862 and ends in 1877. Instead, as Oyelowo explains, Lawmen is an anthology series and future seasons will follow famous lawmen from history.

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Bass Reeves was one of the greatest frontier heroes in American history, so subsequent seasons should follow equally worthy subjects. Wyatt Earp is another famous lawman from the Old West who was actually portrayed by Yellowstone star Kevin Costner in the 1994 film Wyatt Earp. Pat Garrett was a lawman and sheriff best known for tracking down and killing the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid. The Old West was a time of lawlessness and frontier justice in American history, so there is an array of famous figures that future seasons can cover after Lawmen: Bass Reeves.

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