How to Get and Use the Jetpack in Lethal Company

The Jetpack in Lethal Company is a luxury item that many players can’t afford unless they work hard and have a lot of credits. Using this item, it will be much easier for gamers to move around the map and carry scrap to the ship.

After receiving a jetpack, fans need to be as careful as possible not to destroy it through overheating, as it may take several quotas to purchase a new one. This guide explains in detail how players can acquire and use the jetpack in Lethal Company.


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How to Get the Jetpack in Lethal Company

Lethal Company: a terminal

It is not difficult to get a jetpack because, as with most other things in Lethal Company, it involves using a terminal. The main problem here is the price of this item, which is 700 credits. For beginners, it isn’t possible to have that much money, so first, fans will need to learn how to play, collect and save scrap, survive, and then buy a jetpack. If players already have this number of credits in their pockets, here are the steps to take to get the jetpack:

  • Go to the Terminal Console and interact with it using the E button to open the interface.
  • Next, manually type the word “Store” and press the Enter button.
  • Now, enter the name of the item, which is “Jetpack.” If players want to buy several items of the same type, they should write the name and then the quantity, for example, “Jetpack 2.”
  • When the query is entered, press Enter.
  • When work with the terminal is complete, exit the ship and move to the planet.
  • A delivery ship should arrive soon to bring the jetpack.
  • When it does, go to the location and pick up the item using the E button.

Now that the Jetpack is in the player’s inventory, all that’s left is to figure out how it works.

How to Use the Jetpack in Lethal Company

It may not seem intuitive at first glance how the jetpack works, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. First, players need to equip it by adding it to their inventory. Next, gamers need to go out into the open world and press the left mouse button to fly. As soon as players reach the desired height, they can press the space bar to hover in the air.

Lethal Company: Jetpack

As with walking, the movement buttons will be responsible for the direction in which the player flies. Players should remember that if they use the jetpack for a long time, it can overheat and explode, not only damaging itself but also killing the user. To avoid this, players should avoid using the jetpack for too long, as it can take quite a while to save up to buy a new one.


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To enhance the usefulness of the jetpack, the team can designate one of the players as a delivery person who will use it to carry scrap from the facility to the ship. This greatly accelerates the process of collecting scrap and also increases the chances of survival, as monsters are unlikely to grab a gamer in midair.

If players treat the jetpack with respect, it will serve many quotas. If the fuel runs out, there is no need to worry because, just like a flashlight, players can recharge the jetpack using the wall charger located on the ship.

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