How to Play Solo in Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a game all about teamwork and helping others in difficult situations. If players are ready for a challenge and want to play alone, they can do so, but then the gameplay can become very uncomfortable.

This guide describes how to start a solo playthrough in Lethal Company. To improve the survival conditions and make it easier to collect scrap, gamers can use mods, which will also be described below.


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How to Play Solo in Lethal Company

Lethal Company: the character

There is great news for those brave fans who decided to fight space monsters alone and collect scrap to fulfill the quota. It is possible to play solo, and gamers do not need to perform any extra actions to launch the solo game. Basically, fans need to launch the game, but instead of the online mode, they need to launch a LAN game. This way, users can start fulfilling the quota by exploring planets and collecting scrap on their own.

Playing alone is not the best choice, as gamers almost completely lose their chance to survive. The absence of a team and its support makes it impossible to stay on the planet. There will be no teammates to monitor the map and notify others about scrap, enemies, or mines. Probably the first quota will be the hardest because, without at least some kind of flashlight, it will be difficult to see anything.

To facilitate the solo playthrough, gamers should get the following items as fast as possible:

  • Pro-flashlight.
  • Stun grenade.
  • Weapons like a Zap Gun or at least a shovel.

Fortunately, the walkie-talkie is useless in a solo playthrough, so there is no need to spend money on it. To fulfill the first quota faster and get some money to buy all these tools, fans can use a little trick. Basically, they need to focus not on exploring the buildings but on finding a beehive around the ship or somewhere on the planet.

When approaching the hive, bees will attack. If players can skillfully dodge them, they will take the hive and bring it to the ship to sell it for a good amount of money.


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Best Mods for a Solo Playthrough of Lethal Company

Lethal Company: the character

A great solution for players to make survival on different planets easier is to install mods. Thankfully, there are two particularly handy ones available.

  • Lethal Company Enhancer: This is probably the best and most versatile mod for gamers who want to play solo or in a small group of friends. By installing this mod, players get many benefits, such as saving scrap after wipe, an increased time for adventures and days for quota, and reduced prices for items. And this is only a small part of what users will get. The mod is completely free and anyone can install it.
  • Minimap: This is an indispensable mod if gamers play alone. Now, players don’t need an informer who will stand on the ship because all the necessary information will be displayed on the mini-map. There are many options for customizing the mini-map so that fans feel comfortable using it. All enemies, scrap, and other elements that could only be heard from the walkie-talkie will be displayed directly on the gamer’s screen with this mod installed.

With the help of these 2 great mods, those playing solo in Lethal Weapon can enjoy a much less intimidating experience. Given the popularity of the game, there will likely be more mods like these created, so players will eventually be able to diversify the gameplay even more.

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