Lethal Company: What is Eclipse?

Lethal Company does not give players much guidance, especially regarding weather conditions. This guide will provide detailed information on what Eclipse is in Lethal Company.

Eclipse is a one-way ticket. Players have little chance of survival during an Eclipse. Only experienced teams can land on an eclipsed moon, and everyone else will not last more than a few minutes. Without further ado, let’s look at how eclipses work in Lethal Company.


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This article will tell players about the Forest Keeper, one of the biggest and most dangerous monsters in Lethal Company.

Eclipses in Lethal Company, Explained

Lethal Company: Eclipse

An eclipse is a condition when the moon is in the shadow of an eclipse. Although a real-life eclipse is an astronomical event, the game considers it a weather condition. Regardless, an eclipse is an almost instant death for inexperienced players who have just started their adventures. During this condition, monsters appear much faster, and can spawn immediately after landing on the moon.

During Eclipse, players need to be cautious and carefully coordinate their every move. While exploring the eclipsed moon, players will not receive any exclusive rewards or scrap, which means that they should stay away from them as much as possible.

Tips on How to Play Eclipsed Moons

Lethal Company: Eclipse

Players are strongly discouraged from going to eclipsed moons, especially those with high hazard levels. When approaching the eclipsed moon, the game will display a pop-up warning telling players to be careful, and for good reason.

Immediately upon landing, there is a high chance that the team will encounter one of the most dangerous monsters in Lethal Company, the Eyeless Dog. These creatures are tough hunters who usually move in groups. They try to compensate for their lack of sight with their hearing. Stay as far away from them as possible and make no sound. Throw away anything that makes noise, such as teeth, old telephones, or robotic toys. Coordinate every move with the rest of the team and move quietly to survive.

Lethal Company: All Weather Conditions

Lethal Company: Eclipse

In addition to Eclipse, Lethal Company offers other types of weather that will significantly complicate gameplay:

  • Flood: significantly reduces players’ time for exploration as the water level rises.
  • Fog: covers the entire environment and makes it difficult for players to see.
  • Rain: causes loose sand to appear, which is a death sentence for the team.
  • Storm: kills players if they have anything metal in their pockets.

Still, the eclipse is considered the most dangerous of all weather conditions.

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