Modern Warfare 3: Zombies – Essence of Aether Mission Walkthrough (All Essence Sample Locations)

The fifth tier of act 2 in Modern Warfare Zombies will task players with tracking down three small silver containers containing samples of the essence that Dr. Jansen needs to further her aetherium research. Players will only need to locate the containers and interact with them to collect the sample, but daring the hordes and pinpointing the exact locations of the samples can be a bit tricky. If players can navigate to the containers and collect all three samples, they will be awarded a Speed Cola acquisition and 2000 experience.


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Essence of Aether Mission Objectives

The Essence of Aether mission has three objectives, requiring players to search Urzikstan for three essence containers.

  • Collect the Essence Sample from the container in Hamza Bazaar at Hadiqa Farms
  • Collect the Essence Sample from the container in Rostova Shops at Levin Resorts
  • Collect the Essence Sample from the container in Quadri Shopping Center at Zarin City

Hamza Bazaar

The first container players will find is in Hamza Bazaar on the East side of the map near the border of the Tier I and II Threat Zones. South of the Hadiqa Farms complex, players can identify the Bazaar by the two long buildings with concave sides, with a single building in between that is surrounded by a plaza with tables, chairs, and newsstands. In the center building of the plaza at the Bazaar, players will find the essence sample inside, on the shop counter.

Rostova Shops

mwz - essence samples - rostova shops map

Players will find another essence container in the Northwest quadrant in the Rostova Shops area, located to the southeast of the Levin Resort complex, near Legacy’s Fortress. Players want to approach the shops from the west to avoid accidentally aggravating the Mercenaries at the fortress and calling in the attack helicopter. The Rostova Shops location can be identified by the big square building bordered by smaller buildings just east of the highway near Levin Resorts. Search the large square building to find the essence container in the offices on a desk near some scattered papers.

mwz - essence samples - rostova shops

The final essence container is located in the Quadri Shopping Center near Zarin City in the southwest part of the map. From Zarin City, head northwest towards the border of the Medium Threat Area. Players can identify the shopping center by the gray and blue single story concrete buildings making a quazi-triangle shape.

In the middle of the shopping center is a large patch of grass, also shaped like a triangle, with a small cafe bordering the short edge of the grass patch. Head to the cafe and find the essence container on the coffee bartop. Once players interact with the final sample, they will receive a radio transmission from Operation Deadbolt Headquarters, receive a random perk power-up in-game, and the mission will be completed.

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