Pokemon Fan Shares Human Reimaginings of Wingull and Pelipper

A Pokemon player creates a piece of art that transforms the Water/Flying-Type pocket monsters Wingull and Pelipper into humans.


  • Pokemon fan artist endifi transforms Wingull and Pelipper into humans, showcasing their creativity and love for the series.
  • The artist faced challenges in turning Pelipper into a human due to its large beak, but successfully transformed it into a golden fan.
  • Endifi has created humanized versions of various Pokemon as part of an ongoing project, capturing their defining traits through clothing and accessories.

A fan of the Pokemon series created a piece of artwork that turns Wingull and Pelipper into humans. Artists have been creating works based on Game Freak’s franchise for quite some time, and Pokemon artwork comes in a variety of forms as gamers stretch their imaginations to come up with unique ways to celebrate the hit series.

Wingull and its evolution Pelipper were first introduced in the third Generation of the franchise. The Flying-Type Pokemon are seen throughout the series’ anime, as they make a number of minor appearances in many episodes. Wingull also played a role in the story of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, as players must rescue one from Team Magma or Team Aqua in order to make progress in the story.


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A Reddit user named endifi posted a piece of Pokemon art featuring Wingull and Pelipper. The piece transforms the two critters into humans, with Wingull becoming a young girl and Pelipper turning into an adult man. According to endifi, the two are father and daughter. The artist also stated that Pelipper was difficult to turn into a human due to its massive beak, but the problem was solved by transforming it into a giant golden fan. Endifi’s takes on Wingull and Pelipper look great, especially since they were able to take a lot of the Pokemons’ characteristics and apply them to their human forms.

Endifi’s post has already gained a few fans who love what the artist did with the two Pokemon. One commenter stated that the artwork is elegant and a beautiful reimagining of the two pocket monsters. Another mentioned that Pelipper is their favorite Pokemon and that they loved endifi’s interpretation of the creature. A fan asked the artist what program they used to draw the two humanized critters, and endifi answered that they used Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai. The artist’s versions of Wingull and Pelipper were incredibly creative and are a unique way of transforming the duo.

Wingull and Pelipper are not the only pocket monsters that endifi has transformed. The artist has turned a number of other Pokemon into humans as a part of an ongoing project and has already gone through the Kanto and Johto Pokedexes. Endifi does a great job of transforming pocket monsters while utilizing an anime-like art style and keeping their defining traits intact through clothing, hair, and accessories. While the Redditor still has a long road ahead in terms of turning all Pokemon into humans, they have already gotten off to a great start. Fans of the RPG series should continue to follow endifi as they make their way through the rest of the Pokedex and transform even more pocket monsters.

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November 18, 2022

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