Star Rail (Mountain of Recto, Water of Verso Hidden Achievement)

Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 1.5 has introduced a variety of methods for players to collect Stellar Jades. Many of the opportunities range from exploration to the new event, A Foxian Tale of the Haunted. Players can also unlock hidden achievements in the new area, Fyxestroll Garden. As players explore the new area, they will come across various Ghosts in Fyxestroll Garden that will give them a number of puzzles or missions to complete.

After advancing through the first two quests during the Honkai: Star Rail limited-time event, players will eventually unlock the rest of the new map and gain access to Hidden Missions. One of these missions is the Ghost Actor Mission.


Honkai: Star Rail – All Pathfinder Puzzle Solutions (The Golem: How He Came into the World Achievement)

Follow this guide to earn 9 treasure chests from A Foxian Tale of the Haunted limited event.

Where To Find The Ghost Actor (Day 1)

Ghost Actor is a hidden quest that can be unlocked after speaking to the Ghost south of the Pavillion of Cessation Corridor Space Anchor. Once players reach the area, they only need to interact with the partition to trigger the quest.

Honkai Star Rail - Wedding Wine Trigger

The Ghost will proceed to explain to Trailblazers the tragic story of a couple and will ask players if they would like to learn the Zhuming flower-drum Opera with her. Merely converse with the Ghost until the option “I’ll learn from you” pops up. This will allow players to continue through with the quest and come to a point where the Ghost will recite the words of the Wedding Wine song.

This is where players may have to pay attention, as they will be quizzed later on the song’s lyrics.

Answers To The Wedding Song (Day 2)

This quest is time-locked, so players will have to wait until the Daily Reset the next day to complete the Hidden Mission. Once enough time has passed, players can go back to the same place as yesterday and interact with the Ghost Actor once more.

After the Ghost Actor has sung the Wedding Song again, players need to complete the song with her. Follow the order below for each dialogue option and respond with the listed answers to correctly complete this Hidden Mission:

Dialogue Answers
In devotion, my heart does yearn… To be known by you, my love, in return.
Candles flicker, casting shadows on the wall. My bones the wick, my flesh the fragrance’s call.
Robes fall away, revealing my desire. In hibiscus tent, our passions shall transpire.
At night, we’ll embrace as one, so tight. Come tomorrow, you’ll take your flight.

Once the song is finished, players can talk to the Ghost Actor again to be awarded the achievement: Mountain of Recto, Water of Verso.

What Happens If Players Choose The Wrong Answers?

Coincidentally, what makes this Hidden Achievement special is that it is mutually exclusive with another Hidden Achievement which can be obtained through this quest. If players want, they can deliberately mess up the lines of the song and obtain the achievement: Apprentice, Disciple, and Renegade.

If Trailblazers do choose to mess up the lines, they will have to engage in battle with the Ghost Actor and defeat her to obtain this achievement. The advantage here is that this fight is fairly easy as there is only one enemy to defeat: an Entranced Ingenium – Illumination Dragonfish. The fish is weak to Physical, Lightning, and Imaginary Damage.

Completing this quest will award players with:

  • Lost Gold Fragments
  • Strale
  • Credit

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