How To Complete The Way of The Bucket

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The developers working on Lords of the Fallen promised to deliver new free content as part of their roadmap. After the Pumpkin Patch, Lords of the Fallen released another update that brings a new questline, which is called the Way of the Bucket. This particular patch was accompanied by a riddle that requires a certain degree of effort to solve. Before players do anything else, they must update their game, so the patch is active.


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How To Start The Way Of The Bucket Quest

In order to start the quest, players first need to warp to the Vestige of Chabui. Go up the two ladders and move toward the area with barrels. Destroying them will reveal an iron grill that blocks the path. Use the Umbral Lamp to get past it, and the NPC will be sitting on the ground. Pick up the items lying near him, one of which should be the Broken Bucket. The Bucketlord won’t talk immediately, so head back to the Vestige and go outside.

Take a left and go up the stairs, and then drop on the barrels below. Clear out any remaining objects and pick up the Bucketlord’s Salute. Equip the Broken Bucket as the weapon and add the Bucketlord’s Salute as a Gesture.

lords of the fallen way of the bucket three gestures

Enter the room again and perform three Gestures in the following order: Greeting–> Point Downwards –> Bucketlord’s Salute. A pop-up will confirm that “Pride of the Bucketlord has been reaffirmed.”

How To Complete The Way Of The Bucket

lords of the fallen pride of the bucketlords location

After starting the quest, it is time to find the 12 Pride of the Bucketlords. The table below covers the location of every single one.

Pride of Bucketlords Location

Boss Area

Skyrest Bridge

Pilrgim’s Perch Descent

  • Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds

Fitzroy’s Gorge

Fitzroy’s Gorge

Lower Calrath

Calrath Cistern

Fief of the Chill Curse – Castle Approach

Fief of the Chill Curse – Castle Approach

Belled Rise – Ascent

  • The Sacred Resonance of Tenacity

Manse of the Hallowed Brothers – Upper

Tower of Penance

  • Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho

Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters

After collecting four buckets, players must return to the Bucketlord and hand them over. Do not carry more than four buckets, as it will cause the quest to fail.

Once players hand over the first four Pride of Bucketlords, they will receive Bucketlord’s Shoes. The next four will earn them Bucketlord’s Helm. Upon finding and delivering the 12 items, the Bucketlord will give players a hint about the big treasure. He will say, “Seek gold amidst flames.”

Now, it’s time to go back to the Slums of Calrath. Go through the area until the large tree is in view. Run toward the end and climb the stairs. Head through the open door to obtain the Gilded Bucket.

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