How to Grow Worker Population

Players can create their own city set in the SteamWorld universe with the latest entry in the series, SteamWorld Build. As players progress through the game, they’ll be able to unlock tons of buildings, decorations, and activities. However, until they reach this phase in the game, they’ll have to understand the basics and considerably increase the size of their city.


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In order to have a bigger city and unlock more buildings, players will have to increase the number of workers at their disposal. This guide will tell gamers everything they need to know about creating residential buildings and growing the worker population in their SteamWorld Build city.

How to Increase Worker Population

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Gamers will have to increase their city’s worker population to unlock most buildings, generate other types of workers, and earn more money from taxes, and since this will be one of the main sources of income in SteamWorld Build, it’s an important step towards creating a well-maintained civilization. Fans can increase the number of workers in their city by building homes; in this case, they’re called Worker Residential buildings.

How to Build Worker Residentials

building residentials home connected to rail road

Workers need a place to live in order to remain in the player’s city. Gamers can build Residentials in SteamWorld Build by opening the Build menu and selecting the Worker icon. Then, they can place their Worker Residentials wherever they would like.

Residential buildings can be built just about anywhere, but workers can only move in and inhabit the town if the Residential is connected to the Train Station. This means that players must build a road connecting the buildings to the Train Station. Once they’ve done all of this, workers will move in.

Up to ten workers can inhabit a Residential house in SteamWorld Build. Gamers must continue to build more while fulfilling workers’ needs to continue increasing their population and completing milestones. As gamers complete milestones, workers’ needs will change, so they must continue to check back on their Worker Residentials to see what else they must do to keep them satisfied.

Other Buildings

Buildings such as Warehouses, General Stores, and Repair Shops will only affect houses created within a certain perimeter. This means that only workers who live in a Residential within range will be able to take advantage of the services that these buildings and shops provide.

When placing down one of these buildings, Residentials that immediately benefit from them will be highlighted in blue. On top of this, if a road is highlighted blue when a building is being created, that means that any Residentials placed along the road will be within range.


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December 1, 2023

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