Marvel Snap: Infinity Splits Explained

Infinity Splits are the ultimate upgrades for Marvel Snap cards. However, their RNG-based mysterious nature confuses most players. They wonder what an Infinity Split is and how they should get one. This guide explains what these variants are and how they must be acquired.


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What Is an Infinity Split

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Infinity Split is a Common duplicate of a card that attains Infinity status. In Marvel Snap, card upgrades span seven levels (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Ultra, and Infinity). When a card reaches the final level, it undergoes a Split, resulting in two cards—one dropping to base rarity and acquiring a fresh appearance.

Infinity Splits have two distinctive features: Finish and Flare. Finish is the card’s background, which could be of four types (Prism, Foil, Ink, and Gold). Flare is the card’s border, also called particle effect, which comes in four shapes (Glimmer, Tone, Stardust, and Krackle).

Infinity Splits are not considered card variants. They are another version of a variant with a new Flare and Finish.

How to Get an Infinity Split

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To unlock an Infinity Split, players must upgrade a card’s rarity to Infinity. This requires 500 Credits and 50 Boosters. There are seven rarity levels for each card, with Infinity being the last. Once a character reaches this level, they get a duplicate (a Split) with an RNG-based Finish and Flare.

How Many Infinity Split Variants Are in Marvel Snap?


Considering that there are four Flares and four Finishes in the game with eight color options, the total number of Infinity Splits is 128.

When players Split a card, they receive a randomly generated rework, ensuring they won’t get the same Infinity Split of that card again.

What Are the Rarest Infinity Splits?

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With only a 10% drop rate, Ink and Gold Finishes of Infinity Splits are the rarest. When it comes to Flares, the least common variant is Krackle (aka Kirby), which shows up only in 10% of Splits—after the sixth Infinity upgrade of a card.

How to Get a Gold or Ink Split

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To target a Gold or Ink Finish in Marvel Snap, players must Split the same card six times or more. Up until the fifth Split, there is a zero percent chance to get these backgrounds. After that, the probability of getting Gold or Ink Infinity cards becomes 10%.

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