New York Times Wordle Hints and Answers for #896 December 2, 2023

Another day means yet another Wordle puzzle from the NYT Games, and it is not an easy one to solve today without any clues.

Wordle puzzles are five-letter words that have to be guessed with no starting clues in six tries. Players will need to keep coming up with new five-letter words that work with what clues they currently have, figuring out the word of the day little by little. While this might sound like an easy puzzle game, it is not always; Wordle can be quite the challenge. If players are looking for some clues to help them succeed today, be it a good starting word, letter spoilers, the whole word, or technical details about the answer, they can find it in the article below.

Wordle #896 Hints for December 2, 2023

If players are in need of any details about the word, like its part of speech, similar words, or even a great starter word today, check below. There are tons of details about today’s five-letter word that don’t spoil the whole thing.


How to Play the New York Times Wordle

Every day, the New York Times Games has a new 5-letter word to challenge Wordle players, and this word can range from pretty easy to very difficult.

Great Starting Wordle Word for Today’s Puzzle

Today’s Wordle’s Part of Speech

Number of Vowels in Today’s Wordle

Number of Repeated Letters in Today’s Wordle

Similar Words to Today’s Wordle

Letters Spoilers for Wordle #896, December 2, 2023

Looking for letter spoilers instead? Check below; each expandable section contains just one of the letters from today’s puzzle.

Letter One:

Letter Two:

Letter Three:

Letter Four:

Letter Five:

#896 Wordle Answer for December 2, 2023

Still stumped on today’s Wordle? For those looking for the full spoiler for the New York Times Games Wordle, the answer lies in the expandable section below.

Want to play? Check out the New York Times Games Wordle website available on almost any device with a browser.

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