Starfield Fan Makes Incredible Version of the Constellation Spacesuit in Real Life


  • A passionate Starfield fan recreated the Constellation spacesuit, the iconic outfit of the game, complete with a NASA aesthetic and a worn-out appearance.
  • The popularity of the Constellation spacesuits showcases how they have become the preferred outfits among the Starfield community, similar to how the Dragonborn in Skyrim is often depicted wearing specific armor.
  • One user crafted a real-life Constellation spacesuit complete with a “wear and tear” style look and padded it with felt.

A passionate Starfield fan completed an impressive feat of handiwork by recreating the Constellation spacesuit in real life. Constellation in Starfield serves as the game’s primary faction, much like the Blades in Oblivion, and it arguably exemplifies the art direction of Starfield the most. By leaning into the NASA aesthetic, Bethesda attempted to create a take on sci-fi that differed from Mass Effect or Star Wars, which certainly fits the narrative of Starfield being about humanity’s “early period” of space exploration.

Whereas Fallout had the power armor, Starfield has its spacesuits, and players can come across many different styles during their interstellar adventure in the Settled Systems. While most fans would argue that the Mantis armor is a bit ridiculous from a visual perspective, the Starborn sets have become insanely popular in Starfield‘s community, and the Constellation spacesuits have established themselves as the iconic outfit for the game, similar to how the Dragonborn is often depicted wearing Studded Armor and a Steel Helmet.


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This fact, coupled with the NASA aesthetic, may have played a key role in why CyperianWorkshop decided to build a Constellation spacesuit in the first place, as they shared the completed outfit on the main Starfield subreddit. The artistry of the armor is further enhanced by the “wear and tear” added across the spacesuit, and by padding it with felt, CyperianWorkshop managed to replicate the bulky feel of an outfit made for extremely hazardous conditions.

While Starfield is CyperianWorkshop’s latest project, they have also made armor from Assassin’s Creed Origins, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and even the Dragonborn’s outfit from Skyrim. Though Starfield mods have already brought Stormtroopers and Mandalorians to the Settled Systems, the upcoming Shattered Space DLC for Starfield is going to give Bethesda another shot at creating some memorable armor sets for the game.

Since Constellation space suits tackled the familiar NASA aesthetic, if the speculation about Shattered Space being focused on House Va’ruun turns out to be true, Starfield players could end up getting something a bit more futuristic and alien compared to the game’s usual outfits. While Va’ruun zealots are a regular occurrence when exploring systems such as Serpentis, the presence of House Va’ruun as a faction in Starfield has been quite minimal thus far. Though it remains to be seen how Bethesda will expand Starfield‘s setting, the interest of passionate fans such as CyperianWorkshop proves that the potential is certainly there.

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