Creative Minecraft Player Shows How Cool a Netherite Golem Would Be


  • The Minecraft community had a positive response to a mod that features a netherite golem, praising its design and potential abilities.
  • Some suggestions were made for the netherite golem, such as it being a mini-boss and dropping netherite ingots, which are useful for crafting stronger weapons.
  • Still, the addition of new mobs in Minecraft is a contentious topic, with debates on wasted potential and frustration with the Mob Vote system.

A Minecraft player has shown how a netherite golem could work in the game. Minecraft frequently adds new features to the game through updates, including mobs that make Minecraft‘s landscape richer.

One of the mobs that is now part of Minecraft is the golem. The snow golem is a craftable mob made with snow blocks and a carved pumpkin, or jack o’lantern. It has been available in Minecraft since 2011 and will throw snowballs at monsters, and it will leave a trail of snow or die of heat depending on the biome. The following year, Minecraft added the iron golem, a creature crafted by players or found naturally in villages. The iron golem patrols the village where it spawns, and although it is a neutral mob, it attacks monsters by throwing them into the air. Minecraft only has two golems, but one creative player has shared the idea of a third mob of this type.


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Reddit user juuccaa showed a netherite golem that is part of an upcoming mod they are working on. In the video shared by the player, they are on top of a snowy mountain when they summon the netherite golem and use a lava bucket on it. The player then spawns five husks, one of the zombie variants that exist in Minecraft. When the netherite golem sees the husks, it summons some minions in the form of small flames, which set out to attack the husks and kill them.

The Minecraft community was delighted with the idea of the game having a netherite golem. The comments praised juuccaa’s project, mentioning the netherite golem’s resemblance to one of the bosses in the iconic Aether mod. One player asked what the similarity was between the golem and the netherite, and the OP said that apart from the design, it shares the same traits of being resistant and fireproof. Another comment suggested that the netherite golem could be the mini-boss of the bastions, dropping a netherite ingot when killed. That would be useful, as netherite is stronger than diamond, and can be used to create weapons and tools. A third comment provided the idea of an End-themed golem.

The addition of new mobs is a topic that generates heated discussions in the Minecraft community, with one of the main points of the debate being the wasted potential of the Mob Vote. While Minecraft adds the winning mob, the other mobs usually are not released. This year, Minecraft players were particularly frustrated with the Mob Vote and even started a petition to end it.

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November 18, 2011

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