Destiny 2 Undying Guns Have a Major Flaw


  • Destiny 2 players have discovered that the Season of the Undying guns have low-resolution textures, regardless of performance settings.
  • Some players joke that this bug is a result of Bungie’s lower-than-projected revenue, while others are frustrated by low drop rates for the Undying weapons in Season of the Wish.
  • Fortunately, Bungie can be expected to fix this visual flaw in a future update, and more content updates are on the horizon during Season of the Wish, including the return of Guardian Games.

Destiny 2 players discover that the reprised Season of the Undying guns have a major flaw, which results in their guns having severely low resolution textures. These weapons are available in Destiny 2 with new perk pools that take advantage of the game’s current sandbox, including newer subclass effects and artifact mods that weren’t available in Season of the Undying in 2019.

Season of the Wish is the current season of Destiny 2, and it’s the game’s final season before the launch of The Final Shape expansion. Following The Final Shape’s launch in June 2024, Destiny 2 will receive all-new episodes that feature a breadth of content, including new quests, weapons, artifacts, and so much more. Destiny 2 players may prepare for The Final Shape and the first episode by completing Season of the Wish’s weekly quests and securing safe passage into the Pale Heart. Moreover, players may earn new gear and updated Season of the Undying weapons by completing activities like Riven’s Lair.


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Destiny 2 player Solidux recently acquired a reprised Adhortative pulse rifle from Season of the Undying and discovered that the gun has extremely low-res textures. Other players in the Destiny 2 community are running into the same issue with other Undying weapons, regardless of a user’s performance settings in the PC version. For testing purposes, Solidux raised Destiny 2’s performance settings to maximum values with 200% render resolution, revealing that the low-res textures on the Undying pulse rifle were still there. This visual bug invited even more criticism from the community, who is already frustrated by a recent report that suggests even more layoffs could affect Destiny 2 and Bungie in the future if sales and public perception dwindles.

Destiny 2 players in the Reddit community jokingly remark that the visual bug is a result of “-45% profit,” which is a reference to Bungie confirming Destiny 2 revenue is 45% less than projected. Out of curiosity, some players retrieved their old Undying guns from their Destiny 2 vaults, noting that the original versions are unaffected by the bug. On the other hand, some players are upset with the low drop rate for the Undying weapons in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish.

Fortunately, this visual flaw could be fixed with a future Destiny 2 update by Bungie. Hotfix updates for Destiny 2 typically address gameplay and visual bugs, and Bungie will most likely share more details at a later date. Additionally, various content updates will be released during Season of the Wish, including the return of Guardian Games and Destiny 2’s Into the Light update.

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