Do Backpacks Disappear in Lego Fortnite?

The backpack is an important part of your gameplay because it is where you carry all your resources before putting them in storage. Quite often you will die, either because of mobs or the environment, thus losing your stuff. This guide describes whether the backpack disappears in Lego Fortnite. After dying, you can get your stuff back by finding the backpack, but few people know about the time limitations.


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Lego Fortnite: Do Backpacks Disappear?

Lego Fortnite: Backpacks

The backpack will stay at the place of your death as long as you need, as it doesn’t disappear. This means that you have an unlimited amount of time, and you can craft all the necessary items before you go looking for it. It’s worth noting that if you’ve been killed by an enemy and want to return, it’s best to stock up on a sword, shield, and food to fight them and successfully get your stuff back.

A backpack is a non-craftable piece of equipment that you have from the start of the game. It has 24 slots where you put items. In fact, the backpack is your inventory, but it also has one very important function, it stores items after your death. This is very useful because, given the number of enemies who want to kill you, you will die often. At the place where you died, a backpack with all the resources will appear and wait for you to arrive.


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Lego Fortnite: Backpacks location on the map

And what if you wandered so far that you don’t even remember where you died? No worries, the backpack will give you a hint of where to look for it:

  • Light beam: If you look closely at the horizon, you will notice a light, translucent beam of light. This will indicate the exact location of your backpack, so you’ll know which way to go.
  • Marking on the map: If you can’t see the beam, or the graphics settings don’t allow you to do so, an alternative is to open the map. Once you do, you will notice a white icon of a backpack that you should move towards.

Sometimes players complain that none of the landmarks appear. Currently, the developers have not resolved this problem, but it often occurs due to un-updated graphics card drivers. If you’ve encountered this issue, try updating your drivers, or better yet, contact support.



July 25, 2017

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