Elden Ring Fan Makes Impressive Pixel Art of Liurnia


  • Fan-created pixel art of Elden Ring’s Liurnia of the Lakes, capturing the area’s recognizable features in a blocky, endearing style, receives praise from netizens.
  • Another fan created animated pixel art of Elden Ring’s major boss, Mohg the Lord of Blood, in a scene reminiscent of old-school adventure game battles.
  • Despite no major expansions yet, Elden Ring remains a massive success for From Software, with fans expressing their love for the game through various means.

A fan of the critically acclaimed open-world RPG Elden Ring has created a wonderful pixel art piece of one of the game’s major areas, Liurnia of the Lakes. The creator of the work uploaded their illustration online and has received praise from netizens.

Elden Ring, developed by Japanese studio From Software, is known for its oftentimes ruthless difficulty and memorable boss fights. The 2022 title is also celebrated by players for its dark, mystical world that contains all sorts of characters, from friendly NPCs to the most grotesque of monsters. One major area of this vast, expansive land that From Software has created is Liurnia of the Lakes, which is located north of the player’s starting location of Limgrave.


Elden Ring: How to Reach Liurnia of the Lakes

Liurnia of Lakes is one of the major continental regions in Elden Ring. Here’s how players can get there.

Reddit user xKrizn attempted to capture Elden Ring‘s Liurnia of the Lakes through pixel art, illustrating the area’s most recognizable features like the Academy of Raya Lucaria, the region’s thickly forested swamps, and the ever-present fog in the blocky, endearing style pixel artworks are known for. The work also had a Site of Grace, the special locations that act as checkpoints in Elden Ring. Netizens heaped praises on xKrizn’s pixel art, with some describing it as being stunning and majestic.

Recently, another Elden Ring fan on Reddit made an animated pixel artwork of one of the game’s major bosses, Mohg the Lord of Blood. This pixel art of Elden Ring‘s Mohg, created by user Mr3sk, depicted the demigod facing off against a character as if they were in the scene of an old-school adventure game battle.

Elden Ring is currently set to receive its first major expansion titled Shadow of the Erdtree. Fans of the game were expecting to hear news of this Elden Ring DLC at the recent 2023 Game Awards, but From Software made no reveals regarding Shadow of the Erdtree during the event. Despite still not having any major expansions, Elden Ring continues to be a massive success for From Software.

The game’s producer, Yasuhiro Kitao, recently revealed that From Software was unsure why Elden Ring had become such a big hit, though any Elden Ring player can probably think of countless answers should they be asked for reasons that the game was successful. Whether it’s Elden Ring‘s rich, opaque lore or its punishing gameplay, people are bound to find something they will find enjoyable in the game. Those who are already enamored by Elden Ring continue to express their love for the game in different ways, much like Reddit users xKrizn and Mr3sk.

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