Final Fantasy 16 PC Port Already Has One System Requirement Decided


  • The PC port of Final Fantasy 16 will require an SSD.
  • Square Enix thus intends to continue the trend of AAA PC titles mandating SSDs. Many releases like Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Alan Wake 2, and Starfield have already done the same throughout 2023.
  • Although HDD-only PC rigs are quickly becoming outdated, reliable gaming SSDs can be purchased for well under $100 nowadays.

The PC version of Final Fantasy 16 will require a solid-state disk (SSD), a senior Square Enix official has revealed. This insight into the upcoming port was offered mere months after the Japanese gaming giant officially announced the PC version of Final Fantasy 16.

The latest mainline entry in the long-running JRPG franchise has long been touted as a timed PS5 exclusive. But even though the Final Fantasy 16 exclusivity deal with Sony is about to run out in late December, the PC version of the game is still without a concrete release date, and almost certainly won’t be coming out until 2024, at the earliest.


Final Fantasy 16 Shadow Drops DLC Expansion

Toward the end of The Game Awards, Square Enix surprises Final Fantasy 16 players by shadow-dropping the game’s first paid DLC expansion.

And while the work on the RPG’s first-ever port is thus still ongoing, Square Enix has already decided that the PC version of Final Fantasy 16 will require an SSD. Elaborating on that decision in a recent interview with Famitsu, FF16 Producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida explained that a game like this has an inherent “hardware barrier” when it comes to figuring out a way to bring it to as many different PC configurations as possible.


That’s not to say that Final Fantasy 16 won’t be as optimized as possible, just that no amount of fine-tuning can compensate for the relative lack of read speeds when it comes to running a modern game heavily reliant on quickly loading a bunch of assets, Yoshida remarked. As a result, the official concluded that he would like for any prospective FF16 PC players to “think of SSDs as a must.” Yoshida also confirmed that the exact minimum and recommended PC system requirements for Final Fantasy 16 will be announced at a later date, once the port is closer to going gold.

I would like for you to think of SSDs as a must.

FF16 Continues the Trend of AAA PC Games Mandating SSDs

Square Enix is far from the first major game developer to start insisting on SSDs in recent times. Many AAA titles like Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Alan Wake 2, and Starfield have also launched with an SSD requirement throughout 2023, signaling that the era of ultra-budget PC gaming builds solely reliant on HDDs is finally coming to an end. Even most of the recent PC releases that don’t impose SSDs as a hard requirement, such as Baldur’s Gate 3, unsurprisingly have painfully slow loading times when played on an HDD.

Since both of the current-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft come equipped with solid-state disks, HDD-only rigs can hardly be considered as modern gaming PCs nowadays. On the bright side, reliable gaming SSDs currently start at under $100, and can often be picked up for much cheaper than that.

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