Here’s one for people who like Vampire Survivors, bullet hell, and when games go all meta and screw with you

Wild and weird action roguelike Picayune Dreams released from Early Access recently, meaning it’s definitely time to enjoy this thing if you’re a fan of horde survival roguelikes, bullet hells, or games that get all meta and screwy. Populated by a cast of surrealist 3D renders that look like rejected 1990s clipart and backed up with a very serious drum and bass breakcore soundtrack, this is an indie that’s decidedly, committedly into a specific aesthetic.

For me, this sucker’s doing interesting stuff by varying the type of gameplay you’re up against every five or so minutes. Each time you horde survive long enough you’ll go up against a nasty bullet hell boss, each of which in genre tradition is its own little dance to learn and appreciate. 

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By asm3a