How to Get a Rare Axe

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As you progressively build up your village in Lego Fortnite, you’re going to need to continue enhancing your materials and structures, including your tools. Basic axes and pickaxes are only going to be able to destroy weak resources such as Granite and Wood, but you’re going to need more than that eventually.

Materials such as Flexwood will require you to craft a Rare Axe in order to harvest it. This tool is not an easy one to make, as you’ll need to pick up some rare materials deep within the caves. Here’s how you can create your first Rare Axe with ease.


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How to Upgrade a Crafting Bench in Lego Fortnite

Image of the required materials for the Rare Crafting Bench in Lego Fortnite

Before you can craft a Rare Axe, you’ll need to have first unlocked the recipe for it on your Crafting Bench. This will unlock for you after you’ve upgraded your bench to level 2 or the Rare level. You will need these items to do this:

  • 12x Knotroot Rod (Created using Lumber Mill)
  • 15x Marble Slab (Created using Stone Breaker)
  • 6x Sand Claw
  • 3x Sand Shell

You can find the materials Marble and Knotroot within caves, while Sand Claws and Sand Shells can be found in Shoreline and Dry Valley Biomes from Wolves and Rollers. These Wolves and Rollers will be different from the normal ones, however, so make sure you’re in the correct area. The enemies will look like the images shown above.


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How to Craft a Rare Axe in Lego Fortnite

Image of the required ingredients to make the Rare Forest Axe in Lego Fortnite

After upgrading your Crafting Bench, you’ll now have the recipe to create a Rare Axe. Here are the materials you’ll need to gather to create one:

  • 5x Cut Amber
  • 3x Knotroot Rod

Most likely, you’re already aware of how to make Knotroot Rods. Using some Knotroot that you’ve picked up, you’ll just need to use your Lumber Mill to convert them into Knotroot Rods. Lumber Mills are one of the first utility stations you can build in Lego Fortnite and only require 8x Wood and 15x Granite.

As for Amber, to get this item, you’ll need to visit a Dry Valley Biome. As always, every map is different, so an exact location cannot be provided. However, as you are traversing through each area, take a look at the horizon, and if you see large, rocky structures, you’ll be close by to a Dry Valley Biome. Before you head out on your search, however, make sure you bring along at least one Uncommon Pickaxe, which can be made with these materials:

Image of the required materials for an Uncommon Pickaxe in Lego Fortnite

You’ll also want to make sure you come prepared with a bunch of Wood since you’ll need to build a few sets of stairs to reach Amber. When you’ve arrived in a Dry Valley Biome, you’ll notice large patches of yellow rocks on the top of large rocks. These will be Amber, which you can use some stairs to reach and break open to obtain Rough Amber pieces.

Then, to make the Amber into Cut Amber, you’ll need to use a Gem Cutter, a Utility Station available at Village Level 7. You’ll need these materials to build one:

Image of a character creating a Gem Cutter station in Lego Fortnite

  • 20x Marble Slab
  • 5x Rough Amber
  • 5x Sand Claw
  • 3x Sand Shell

With the Gem Cutter, place 5 pieces of Amber in there, and you’ll get 5 Cut Amber in return. Then, you can return to your Crafting Table and create your first Rare Axe.



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